Guard Booths for Utility Plants

guard booth

Guard Booth 07-337

It is necessary to tailor security to the variety of hazards to be found at each utility plant. The type and location of utility will further define the security threats at any particular plant. Guard booths with blast and ballistic resistant construction are often part of the perimeter plan to defend utility facilities. Guard houses play a vital role to secure employees, and monitor vendors and visitors when they access the sites.

guard house

Guard House 14-333

guard booth

Guard Booth 06-114

The level of protection to be built into the new factory assembled guard booth for your utility plant is determined by the specifier in the initial design phase while assessing the threat level in the area. Par-Kut welded portable steel security buildings can be standard non ballistic, bullet resistant only, or blast and ballistic resistant walls, doors and windows.

Once you have determined a need to add a security booth somewhere within your facility, a prefabricated Par-Kut guard booth can be designed specifically for your particular needs and will be delivered fully assembled, ready to move into place and use. These portable steel buildings are 100% complete and include HVAC systems, lighting, countertops, phone, camera and data preps, finish paint and finish flooring, electrical service panel and lifting rings in the roof.

For more information about Par-Kut guard booths for utility plants, email us at or call us at 1-800-394-6599

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Guards In Elevated Guard Booths Help Shoppers Feel Secure

guard booth

Guard Booth SEC-015

Security guard officers stationed in elevated guard booths can enhance area security and help shoppers feel safer. Adding elevated guard booths staffed with professional security officers in the parking lots of retail outlets and shopping malls makes shoppers feel that their cars and personal belongings are safe.

With a prefab guard booth that elevated 10-12 feet, and with 360 degree windows, the security officers will have a clear line of sight into the sea of parking spaces that typically surround a mall. It’s like a lifeguard stand at a beach, but this observation post is watching over shoppers, not swimmers. In addition to providing extra security for people as they go to and from their vehicles, the elevated guard booth helps deter vandalism to vehicles, theft of items from the vehicles and car theft.

A study shows that the number of parking-lot crimes as well as motor-vehicle thefts can be dropped by more than 50 percent with the installation of an elevated security booth.

To elevate a guard booth is fairly simple and can be accomplished with a total factory solution which includes a factory assembled security booth and a welded steel platform with steps and a safety railings. If you already have a platform in your mall, a new guard booth can be engineered to be bolted to an existing platform.Par-Kut elevated guard booths can be installed atop a concrete block platform, or other customer supplied stand or tower. If you have a booth and want to elevate it, Par-kut can also provide a factory assembled, or site erected platform to suit.

Whichever type of platform used, an elevated guard booth is a great way to increase security in a mall as well as making shoppers feel secure. For more information about elevated guard booths, and to give your security a lift, contact us, or call 1(800)394-6599.

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Par-Kut Parking Booth

Par-Kut International is a world class manufacturer of parking booths and portable steel buildings. They are the best choice parking booths for your governmental facility, corporate building or educational campus. As the first parking booth company in the parking industry, Par-Kut can design and manufacture a rugged, galvanized, parking booth to meet your needs exactly. Par-Kut has been building quality parking booths since 1954.

The parking environment can often be extreme such as subjecting parking booths to harsh weather, physical abuse and neglect. A Par-Kut portable steel building withstands all adversity and remains looking good for up to 25 years. Par-Kut knows how to make a parking booth last!

One reason why Par-Kut a parking booths last longer is use of heavy duty materials that resist deterioration. Another reason is our highly skilled craftsmen who fabricate factory-assembled parking booths. Comfort and convenience features of Par-Kut parking booths include counter tops and cashier windows at 32” above floor level, transaction drawers and intercoms, tinted glass, additional insulation and climate control equipment.

The parking booth industry is a tough niche in which to excel. But, that’s exactly what Par-Kut does It is the mission of Par-Kut International to continue to produce superior parking booths and remain the quality leader in today’s parking booth industry. To learn more about Par-Kut parking booths, check out this video. Also please visit Or call 1(800)394-6599 to get started today

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Benefits of Steel Shelters

steel shelter

Steel Shelter SHLT-004

When it comes time to purchase prefabricated buildings for use as transit, parking pay machine covers, employee smoking, or operator’s shelters, you typically need to choose either steel shelters or aluminum shelters. You also need to determine if your shelter will be pre-assembled or a site built, panelized unit. Installing steel shelters can allow you to do onsite installation up to 50% faster than traditional construction. While your steel shelters are built in the factory, you or your installer can be at your site preparing the foundation to receive the completed modules. Once the land is graded, the concrete slab can be installed as needed to support your built to order steel shelters. When the foundation is ready, the steel shelters are crane set into place and anchored for a solid, durable and code compliant steel shelter.

Second, short run, built to order steel shelters give you more varieties of colors, shapes, designs and architectural styles. Any size shelter is available, as well. Vaulted, or curved, gable, hip, or mansard roofs may be specified as well as custom exterior wall treatments to match existing architectural designs. In addition, your choice of exterior finishes can be added to your steel shelters anytime, even after installation.

steel shelter

Steel Shelter 15-051

Third, steel shelters are often more cost effective. Aluminum is more expensive and it takes more aluminum to equal the strength of steel. If the material cost more, so does your structure. Therefore, when compared on the same design and with similar features and glazing, aluminum shelters usually cost more than steel shelters. Higher prices do not dictate better shelters, quality engineering and design does. Whether the steel shelter is intended for use as a smoking shelter, pay machine cover, transit shelter, or an operator shelter, the flexibility available with welded steel structures is unsurpassed. Add in the option for factory installed electric and you can’t beat the value.

For more information about Par-Kut steel shelters, email us at or call us at 1-800-394-6599.

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Parking Booth with Security Systems

parking booth 0003-CV

Parking Booth 0003-CV

Security professionals have long known that locations where people and their valuables are together – such as in parking lots – are often favorite targets of criminals. Installing proper parking booths with security systems are pivotal to prevent criminals from attacking people’s properties. Par-Kut booths can help make the waiting and/or paying experience safer and more comfortable. Our durable steel parking booth can stand up to any weather condition for years, and our standard parking booths arrive fully assembled and completely wired for immediate operation. The rigid frames allow for signage, lights or security cameras to be easily installed. The security amenities of Par-Kut parking booths and the professionally built appearance can often make the difference where people choose to park (and work).

Parking Booth 0061-PRZ

Parking Booth 0061-PRZ

Security systems for parking booths must be improved not only for parking customers, but also for the parking attendants. All too often, parking booth attendants are the target of robberies and quite often the crook is armed with a gun. Just recently at a large amusement park, a parking booth attendant was robbed at the parking booth window. Par-Kut parking booths provide parking attendants peace of mind and confidence in their safety. Additionally, with the standard heavy duty locking steel door with dead lock, when the booth is closed for the night, there is little worry about vandalism. Par-Kut parking booths are designed to secure remote parking booths with your facility’s access control system, including built-in preps for gate controls, phone and data, electronic door strikes and cameras. Booths are custom designed to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements such as tinted glass, cash drawers, air conditioners and restrooms. Factory assembled, Par-Kut parking booths arrive ready to install and use.

Parking Booth 0075-S

Parking Booth 0075-S

Par-Kut has been a leader in custom-designed, pre-assembled portable steel buildings such as parking booths, security booths, guard booths, ticket booths, toll booths and more since 1954. The Par-Kut sales staff will assist with necessary code compliance modifications and can ask the right questions to help you develop the initial design and the final product. To request a free quotation or more information about parking booths, with security systems visit or call us at 1-800-394-6599.

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Par-Kut International Toll Booth Advantages

Free up Internal Resources and Eliminate Hassles

toll booth

toll booth 15-131

Par-Kut toll booths are pre-assembled, making them user friendly and ready for occupancy right away once delivery has occurred and the unit is set on the slab. Factory assembly speeds up the procurement of site specific and often complicated toll booths. Customers benefit with lower overall expenses, less frustration and reduced timetables.
Pre-engineered and factory assembled toll booths have a positive impact on the bottom line by saving time and money. For example, if a facility or it’s contractor choose to site build a toll booth or guardhouse, they typically have to provide a design and then job packages out to various trades to handle the structure, the glass and doors, the HVAC, etc. Throughout the process, somebody has to watch over the progress and quality of the site work. When you purchase a pre-built Par-Kut toll or control booth, all the drawings and figuring on the structure is taken care of. Project specific approval drawings ensure that your final project is delivered perfectly to suit your location needs. Over the course of time, since the Par-Kut toll booth designs are kept on file, you or your site managers can rest easy that the same high quality structure can be purchased and installed in different locations.
Par-Kut International welded steel portable toll booths are well suited for locations where the owner or facility manager anticipate the need to move the building during the course of their useful service life, which is typically 20-30 years. Par-Kut booth designs and floor plans are easily customized with standard sizes starting at 4′ x 6′ up to 12′ x 40′. Furthermore, many architectural enhancements are available to suit the surroundings.

Other Par-Kut toll booth benefits include:

  • Bullet resistant and restroom options
  • Cash Handling Security Options
  • Repeatable design for corporate uniformity
  • Can be moved easily with fork lift or crane
  • Factory Built production allows highest quality control
  • On grade or elevated options

PE stamped Drawings for Approvals

Many states have their own certification programs for preassembled buildings.

  • Quality Assurance Program on file with that state.
  • In plant in inspection of the building against the state registered drawings.
  • A state approval label (the “Gold Label”) affixed to the building

Par-Kut participates in most state modular building approval programs. In those states or jurisdictions without programs, Par-Kut can provide, as an option, PE stamped drawings and calculations as well as energy code compliance calculations (ComCheck) for local permitting.

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Ticket Booths for Fairs & Festivals

ticket booth

ticket booth 10-375

Economical and durable ticket booths are very important for fair grounds, festivals and carnival operators. Thanks to the recent Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions(MAFE) convention, we learned even more about this important and very entertaining business. Local, county and state fairs have a long history, many going back more than a hundred years. They’ve gone through a lot of ticket booths in that time!

There are two basic categories of ticket booths used at fairs; those used by the fairgrounds or fair committee for selling admission or parking, and then the ticket booths used by the operators to sell ride tickets. For both categories, the shelter provided for workers cannot be overlooked.

During fairs, the weather can change quickly and thus, can leave staff exposed to constant wind, harsh sun and sudden rain. The reliable shelter provided by a well built ticket booth improves the work place for your ticket sellers. With that positivity, a better experience will be enjoyed by your customers during interactions with those personnel. And as we all know, happy customers mean more visits to the ticket booth and thus, higher revenues.

ticket booth

ticket booth 04-093

Venue or fairground ticket booths can be permanent or portable. When the fair is held at the same location every year, and other events are held there throughout the year, permanently installed ticket booths are typical. For smaller fairs or festivals that share or rent the facility or property, portable booths that can be moved to a barn are more typical. A durable ticket booth is important so that the initial investment lasts regardless of who is moving them around. Par-Kut welded galvanized steel booths are extremely rugged and can easily be moved with equipment already in use at the fairgrounds.

Meanwhile, the ticket booths owned by the amusement companies and carnival ride operators are entirely portable. These ticket booths need to be rugged enough to withstand frequent moves and trips on trailers as the carnivals move from town to town. A slightly elevated ticket booth with a reinforced steel floor is perfect to allow a fork lift to pick up and move from trailer to ground and vice versa. A wheel kit option is also available to move the ticket booth up a ramp onto a trailer.

Both types of ticket booths will have one or more cashier windows, an interior counter-top, electric outlets, lights, treadplate floor, and paint in color of choice. A wide variety of options are available to enhance customer convenience, cash security and operator comfort. Exterior shelves on the ticket booth and optional signage can assist with transactions and way finding. Locking cash drawers, locking ticket windows, unbreakable glazing and floor safes can improve security. Air conditioning and heat will offer a more comfortable work environment for your booth staff.

In any circumstance, a factory assembled, pre-fab steel building from Par-Kut International will meet the need for a good looking, long lasting, permanent or portable ticket booth. Standard ticket booth packages available. Lease terms also available.

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Major Design Elements of an Information Booth

information booth

Information Booth 11-246

For facilities such as tourist attractions, college campuses and hospitals, who have new visitors regularly, a prefab information booth is an excellent plan for creating the desired visitor experience. With a professionally built information booth, the facility owner can provide a visitor focal point with all the important information that a first time visitor needs in their first moments upon arrival. Sometimes even more important is the friendly greeting that your chosen staff members will be able to extend. First impressions are so important to repeat visits and for repeat business opportunities!

information booth

Information Booth 11-029

Once the location for your information booth has been determined, think about the visitor interactions. Will the visitors approach on foot, or in their car? Or both? The answers to these questions help with the layout and equipment package for the information booth. There may also be need for cash handling options.

The setting for your info booth may also impact the equipment package. For example, a south Florida location will need hurricane resistant construction, windows, and protected air conditioning units. A northern U.S. location such as the Great Lakes or New England region will require the information booth or ticket booth to have upgraded heat output, thermally broken window systems and/or additional insulation. In both hot and cold climates, the operable window opening size can be limited to minimize energy loss and reduce attendant fatigue due to wind exposure.

Interior countertops, shelving, cabinets and drawers can be built into the information booth at the factory to suit your location’s needs to distribute maps, visitor guides, coupons and tickets. Locking cash drawers, floor safes and deal trays are also available. For the toughest neighborhoods or high end security locations or where a significant amounts of cash will be handled, bullet resistant construction is an option.

If there’s a need for an information booth at different gates during the course of your year or season, a great thing about Par-Kut booths is that they are portable! Moved easily with a fork lift, small crane or other equipment at your site, the info booth cab be equipped with a quick connect electric hook up, fork lift pockets, or even trailer or caster mounted. It just depends on how often and how far you plan on moving the ticket booth.

In their simplest form, an information booth might not have electric at all, and it could be seldom used, such as at a high school football stadium. Or, it could be a multi window unit at a theme park or zoo. Whatever the location, Par-Kut’s team of sales people, designers and fabricators stand ready to assist you with the best information booth you can find anywhere in the world!

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Improve Facility Security – Integrate Your Parking Booth Into Your Access Control System

parking booth

Parking Booth 10-236c

With the New Year upon us, many facility security managers are looking  for ways to improve the overall security at the locations they are responsible for. One such incremental improvement may be upgrading the existing parking booth or guardhouse or adding a new installation. A well designed parking booth or guard shelter can make a big difference – both in terms of security officer comfort and morale as well as providing an actual security presence at important access points on the perimeter.

So if your New Year’s resolutions and plans include overhauling an existing gate or construction of a new access control point, a new parking booth or guard house is a must if the gate is to be staffed at any time during the day or week . The amount of time the gate post or parking booth is staffed, along with the amount of traffic expected, plays a big part in determining the size of the portable steel building. Simply put, the more man hours, the larger the booth. Plus, if the guardhouse or parking booth is 24/7, a built in restroom w/sanitary facilities should be considered. Another location specific design question is based on the booth’s location relative to traffic. Will the parking booth or guardhouse be in the middle of traffic, or off to one side? Will visitors drive to the booth, or will they be required to get out of their vehicle and come to the booth? The answers to these questions will help determine the number and type of doors (sliding versus swinging) as well as the size of the portable steel security building and if there are any partitioned areas within the booth for visitors to check in.

parking booth

Parking Booth 15-169g

Once the size of the parking or security building has been determined, deciding on an architectural style is next. The customer and/or designer will need to pick from a basic appearance, a premium design, or somewhere in between. Par-Kut offers its parking booths in a wide variety of styles, finishes and options to suit all neighborhoods, campuses and threat levels. Even high end architectural styles such as the Par-Kut Presidential Series can be provided in bullet resistant construction.

To totally incorporate the parking booth with your facility’s access control system, include built in preps for gate controls, phone and data, and electronic door strikes and cameras. All of these options are available, along with “old school” options of dimmable interior lights and exterior flood lights to illuminate the area around the parking booth. If the facility has a lot of truck traffic, the security booth can be elevated on a factory built or customer supplied platform that enables guards and truck driver to be at the same level. The above are some of the points to ponder as you consider the design of your new parking booth or guard station. A simple site survey and sketch is very helpful with you begin to start the budgeting process by contacting the sales & estimating department at Par-Kut. The sales staff will assist with necessary code compliance modifications and can ask the right questions to help you develop the initial design and the final product. Portable steel buildings, parking booths and operator shelters are Par-Kut’s primary business. Give us a call or email us for a quote.

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Elevated Security Buildings Provide the Upper Hand

Security Building

Security Building 05-128f

A particular type of security building installation calls for platform
or tower mounting. The vantage point provided by the elevated security
building gives security personnel an excellent view and the ability to
spot trouble while it is still far away. A tower mounted security
building is particularly useful at the perimeter of highly sensitive
facility such as a nuclear plant, penitentiary, or a forward operating
base. Think crow’s nest on an old time navy sailing ship.

Security Building

Security Building 11-065

Depending on the personality and surroundings of the compound or
installation, the platform mounted security building could be built with
bullet resistant construction. Bullet resistant levels to resist small
hand guns up to high powered military rifles are available from Par-Kut
International. Sliding gun ports, HVAC systems and sloped roofs to shed
lob explosives are also available to upgrade the security guard shelter.
The stairs for the tower are best made from non-slip materials with the
finish on the treads being hot dip galvanized steel; same as the
railings, stringers, and support columns.

Another application for an elevated security building is installing one in a large surface area parking lot. A staffed security guard building serves as a criminal deterrent in this situation when located in a vehicle storage or parking lot as it allows the security officers the “birds eye” view point. The height of the platform or stand is somewhat proportional to the size of the parking lot being observed. One option with an elevated parking lot security building from Par-Kut is storage underneath it, which could be concealed with sheet metal finished to match the guard house.

Border crossings, truck inspection lanes, industrial scales and control booths can also utilize elevated security buildings. A border crossing can provide one bi-level inspection booth to allow customs officers to check both trucks & passenger vehicles. These highly customized security booths have on grade access for automobiles and interior steps and upper level sliding windows and doors for truck traffic. Border crossing security booths are often bullet resistant, too.

Booths and security buildings for industrial facilities, truck scales
and control pulpits are often mounted on customer provided block or
steel platforms.

All Par-Kut security buildings have lifting rings to simplify the
installation atop the tower or platform. All internal electric is
prewired to a wall mounted circuit breaker box to provide a single point
electric feed connection. Par-Kut security buildings ship out by truck
and are complete and ready for use after bolting in place and electric
hook up.

Security Building

Security Building 13-072b

Give your people the upper hand with an elevated observation position.
Strengthen your perimeter, improve lines of sight and bolster your
security force with the advantage of an elevated security building from

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