Benefits of Bus Shelters

bus shelter

bus shelter 0030-C

From hospitals and government facilities, to data centers and office buildings, as well as other facilities, there are many types of facilities that can benefit from adding a bus shelter. Often, a facility will need to shuttle employees in from remote parking lots. A bus shelter provides employees, visitors and clients with a protected area sheltering them from the harsh weather such as wind, rain, or snow. Par-Kut International offers prefabricated bus shelters, also known as prefab bus shelters that will offer many benefits.

bus shelter

bus shelter 0057-C

First, the use of prefabricated or pre-assembled bus shelters or transit shelters is economical and cost effective. The costs of designing and erecting site built bus shelters often go up due to many unanticipated costs. Par-Kut provides a factory-assembled, welded steel bus shelter, which offers the convenience of design approval from your desktop and eliminates or minimizes unforeseen construction costs.

Secondly, a bus shelter or a transit shelter can be designed to reflect the designs of its neighborhood or its surrounding buildings. This can be done with various roof styles (hip, glable, etc.) and/or through the use of local materials in the design, such as a brick or stone wainscot. Furthermore, Par-Kut prefabricated steel bus shelters are painted in the customer’s choice of color.

Thirdly, Par-Kut prefab bus shelters and transit shelters are all factory-assembled, portable, and of welded, galvanized steel construction. Those bus shelters are easy to be moved and installed quickly using a crane or a fork lift.

Finally, Par-Kut prefabricated, welded, galvanized steel bus shelters are built of high-quality, durable steel and they withstand the harsh and unpleasant weather and are designed to last for decades. Par-Kut’s craftmanship and use of high quality materials ensure the durability of its bus shelters and transit shelters.

For more information about Par-Kut bus shelters or transit shelters, please go to, contact us at 1-800-394-6599, or go to our official bus shelter page.

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Guard Booth with Restroom

guard booth

Guard Booth 16-352

A guard house, also known as guardhouse, guard booth, guard shack or security booth; is often located a long distance from the facility of which it is on the perimeter of. Therefore, the guardhouse is a long way from the nearest usable restroom. In addition, entrance and perimeter security buildings should provide a high degree of comfort and convenience for the security officers. For those reasons, guard houses with built-in restrooms are required. As a matter of fact, many state building codes now require factory assembled buildings include restroom facilities. Par-Kut guard house restroom designs also meet the accessibility requirements of the ADA (Americans Disabilities Act).

guard booth with bathroom

Guard Booth Bathroom 11-058

Par-Kut factory-assembled guard house restrooms come standard with white china fixtures for the lavatory and water closet and the guardhouses are designed to be set over the top of pre-set pipes for water and sewer. Holes are pre-cut in the floor of the portable guard booth for the installer to lower the booth down over the utility pipes with a crane when the modular guard house is delivered to the job site. Restroom amenities provided by Par-Kut typically include: a GFI outlet, toilet paper holder, paper towel dispenser, mirror, a faucet with a small water heater and a ceiling light with an exhaust fan. Generally, the job site plumber will install surface-mounted piping on the walls of the guard booth’s restroom. As an option, the guard shack can include a complete factory-installed plumbing package designed for a single water supply connection and a sewer hook up. Other options for a Par-Kut guard house restroom include chemical, composting, and even electric (incinerating) toilets for those locations where running water supply and sewer pipes to a remote or distant post is too expensive.

Par-Kut guardhouse with a built-in restroom comes with a 100 Amp panel with a main breaker and all branch breakers for the factory installed electrical devices. All wiring in conduit or as MC cable. All electrical work supplied is per the current edition of the NFPA’s NEC. The guard house can include as many interior and exterior lights as you need, or as limited by energy code. A Par-Kut guard house’s exterior door can be either the standard sliding steel, or a hinged swing type. The standard doors are factory finished to match the body of the booth and doors normally include a fixed half glass window. Our standard built-in restroom comes with partition wall and a blank swing or sliding door with a privacy lock

For more information about a Par-Kut guard house with a built-in bathroom, one of our knowledgeable sales people can help. Whatever type of requirement you have for guard booths, contact Par-Kut today to discuss the particulars.

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Toll Booths & Inspections Booths – Built to Order

toll booth

Toll Booth 12-060

Par-Kut international stands ready to assist on projects that require a preassembled toll booth or modular inspection booth. Starting with floor plans as small as 3’ x 6’ or 4’ x 6’, the sizes increase in one-foot increments. The size for the project at hand is limited only by the space available on the traffic island and shipping restrictions, not the capability of the Par-Kut toll booth factory. Furthermore, the highly experienced staff are well versed in maximizing the utility of the toll and inspection booth designs with options and standard features.

toll booth

Toll Booth 16-280

Standard toll booth features from Par-Kut include single unit welded steel construction for superior strength, safety, longevity and portability. Additionally, Par-Kut toll booths are insulated and factory sealed with superior caulking and weather stripping to keep weather out and keep the attendants comfortable. Additional options for comfort and convenience include anti fatigue mat flooring, insulated glass, radiant heaters overhead, different types of sliding windows and doors, and even electrically adjustable countertops.

Further customizations for toll booth and inspection booth applications are available to suit particular needs. These can include; sloped windows to fight glare, bullet resistant construction, built in camera preps, stainless steel cabinets and IT cable-ways, toe space heaters, cash drawers, Dutch doors, etc.

Call or email to discuss!

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Design & Manufacture of In-Plant Offices

in plant office

In Plant Office 2K-IND-007

Once a facility, plant manager or engineer has determined the need for a quiet and environmentally protected space, it’s time to start planning for the desired specifications and floor plan for the in plant office design.

in plant office

In Plant Office 98-468

  • Type of Construction – Floor plan – size can determine what is economical (over 300 square feet, for example tends to favor a panelized system). Smaller sizes & custom configurations will favor welded steel due to flexibility in steel manufacturing.
  • Portable – Rugged, in plant, industrial use situations favor high strength welded steel; both for durability and portability. Par-Kut portable steel buildings are both cranable and forkliftable.
  • Windows and door arrangements to suit- Make sure are you able to situate as many or as few windows as your current (and perhaps future) needs require. Many projects require a blank wall area for customers to mount their equipment. Windows can be fixed or sliding and at minimum are glazed with clear tempered safety glass. Laminated glass, insulated glass and even plastic glazing are available. Doors can be swing, or sliding type if space around the in-plant office is restricted. Sound deadening options, too.
  • Electrical and climate control factory installed, or not.
  • Paint in color of choice – a safety color, a color to blend the in-plant office with surroundings, matching a corporate color, or even two-color paint schemes are available.
  • AutoCad drawings prepared for every project to assure quality.

For more  information about Par-Kut in plant offices, go to our modular inplant office page or contact us page.

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Portable Security Booths

security booth

Security Booth 0062-PRZ

If you need to secure multiple gates or entrances, it is essential to have a security booth, guard house or parking booth you can position and use immediately.. Par-Kut portable security booths are perfect for guarding multiple entrances and gates. These security booths are easily moved from one place to another. So you can have these guard booths ready to use as soon as they are deployed or installed.

security booth

security booth 15-170

There are many advantages to having a portable security booth that is easy to transport. Par-Kut portable security booths are easy to order, and do not require assembly, because Par-Kut security booths are all factory-assembled. In addition, since there’s no on-site construction, you will save time and money. These security booths can be moved easily with a fork lift or a crane. For even more rapid and frequent relocations, trailer mounted security booths are available. Bullet resistance can also be added.

Par-Kut’s climate controlled and well insulated portable security booth can also reduce the officer’s stress and fatigue. Further, a Par-Kut portable security booth provides a safe shelter for the security personnel. Moreover, your security booth can be enhanced to reflect architectural elements found on your facility. A variety of paint color schemes, various roof lines and styles, brick or stone wall treatments and even custom building shapes can be incorporated into a unique portable security booth design for your location. Interior options and lighting enhancements contribute to the aesthetics and function of the portable guard booth or guard building.

For more information about Par-Kut portable security booths, one of our skilled sales persons can help. Whatever your requirement for your security booths, contact Par-Kut today to discuss your particular operation.

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Prefab Control Booth

control booth

Control Booth 15-253

A prefab control booth offers a convenient solution when planning or building a new or expanded industrial processing line or facility. Agricultural, food processing, petro chemical, ore extraction & metals production, transportation equipment assembly, energy and pharmaceuticals are all industries which have found Par-Kut’s portable control booths useful in and around their facilities.

From the onset of the process, it is simple for the plant engineer or architect to specify the size, style and options that they wish to include in the new control booth. One can start with an existing model, or start from scratch. With the rugged welded steel construction, a Par-Kut control booth can be placed virtually anywhere, either on the plant floor, or an elevated concrete slab or platform, or even on a raised rack to oversee a line.

control booth

Control Booth 15-254

The size of the control booth can be as small as 6’x8’ or as large as 12’x32’. The room can be subdivided with internal partition walls, or left as an open floor plan. The booth can have as much, or as little window area as the situation (and future needs) call for. Sometimes wall areas are left blank for customer mounting of equipment. Glass can be insulated or laminated for energy or sound control. Plastic glazing is also available for situations where glass is forbidden, such as food processing plants.

The welded steel control booths include factory installed lighting, outlets and climate control and are completely prewired to a wall mounted circuit breaker box. Par-Kut’s steel construction means the control booths can be lifted with a crane, or moved with a fork lift – handy for initial delivery and in the future.

Control booth options include sound deadening, built in restrooms, built in countertops and cabinets, finish flooring, factory preps for site installed equipment, and more. Contact Par-Kut sales dept. for more information.

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Modern Guard Houses


Guardhouses SEC-001

Looking for a modern guard house? According to Wikipedia, modern guardhouses, also known as guard booths or security booths are manufactured off site in a factory according to customer approved drawings. An excellent example is of welded, galvanized steel construction, insulated, with heat and light, 360 degree visibility, and can also be bullet resistant. Modern guardhouses or guard booths keep security officers comfortable as well as secure.

guard booth

Guard Booth SEC-016

Par-Kut offers durable, long-lasting modern guard houses with welded, galvanized steel construction. Par-Kut steel guardhouses are all portable and ideal for higher aesthetic or even ballistic rated buildings. These welded steel guard booths allow for an appealing finish in color of choice, and come fully wired and preassembled for the simple installation.

For more information about Par-Kut guard houses, please contact us at 1-800-394-6599 or go to our guard house page.

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Guard Booth Visibility

guard booth

Guard Booth 04-007

Par-Kut guard booths can increase or enhance visibility in a variety of guard booth settings. For instance, solar tinted glass can be added, which will reduce glare and eye fatigue for the officers manning the position. For another example, the elevated guard booth or guard shack can include specially fabricated windows in which the top is tilted or angled out, which then allows the security officer to view downward. In the same way, Par-Kut can manufacture guard booths with windows either in the roof, or in the floor. Additionally, windows with lower bottom sills can be included in order to allow better visibility for seated officers seated, which can reduce fatigue. Furthermore, the entire guard booth can be platform or tower mounted to greatly increase the field of view.

Par-Kut can also modify the shape of a guard booth to suit a particular location such as a window up high in a restroom wall to allow for a line of sight that allows officers time to predict arrival of vehicles or pedestrians. Those restroom windows are usually darkly tinted or mirrored glass, or include a mini blind, or a roll down shade for privacy when required.

guard booth 0104-C

Guard Booth 01-143

Finally, a variety of glass options for Par-Kut guard booth allow a full field of vision and provide safety and comfort for the officers staffing the booth. Case in point, installing insulated glass helps keep windows clear of condensate while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your guard booth. Tinted and LowE versions are available. Par-Kut can also upgrade your guard house with storm or hurricane resistant (laminated) glass for the harsh weather locations and/or bullet resistant glass for high level security locations.

For more information about Par-Kut guard booth designs or glass options for maximizing visibility, please contact us at 1-800-394-6599. Ultimately, your Par-Kut guard booth design can include as much, or as little glass area as you want.

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Keep Up With Your Company’s Growth With a Portable In Plant Office

in plant office

In Plant Office X11-166

Par-Kut International offers two types of prefab in plant office systems; factory assembled welded steel and panelized/site assembled.

A Par-Kut prefab in plant office, whether welded steel or a panelized unit, is a depreciable asset. The investment in the prefab office can be depreciated over a fairly short time of 5-7 years, depending on your tax counselor’s opinion. This is accelerated depreciation when compared to what is allowed for built in place office space ( 39 years).

prefab office

Prefab Office 15-196

A fully pre-assembled in plant office provides the ultimate in convenience. Owner’s and their contractors enjoy the speed of installation when everything is factory installed at the PAR-KUT fabrication and assembly plant in Michigan. Typically all that is needed is a large fork lift to remove the in plant office from the delivering truck, and then place it into it’s final location. Then, an electrician hooks the power supply to the circuit breaker panel within the prefab office. That’s it.

Panelized in plant offices typically provide best economy and are particularly well suited for office footprints over 300 square feet. Welded steel prefab offices are ideal for situations that demand high strength and durability, such as those found in processing facilities and basic industry.

Whether 100% assembled, or panelized, your prefab office can have as much or as little window area as you require. Add electrical, doors and ceiling treatments to suit. Other options include sound deadening, finish flooring, sliding windows, load bearing roofs and more.

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Benefits from Installing a Factory Assembled Guard Booth

guard booth

Guard Booth 05-372

Installing a factory assembled guard booth on the grounds of your campus or company facility is beneficial to the corporate or facility manger for loss prevention and risk management. At the same time, the new guard house provides enhanced visitor and customer impressions of your company.

guard booth

Guard Booth 05-051

Loss prevention and physical security managers know that a climate controlled and well insulated guard booth allows their security officers to operate at peak efficiency. A secure and well heated and cooled, and draft free guard shack reduces the officers’ stress and fatigue, which allows them to perform better. Designing and manufacturing portable steel buildings since the 1950’s, Par-Kut International welded steel buildings provide durability for the owner and safety for the security officers.

Some Par-Kut guard booths include restrooms for 24/7 comfort, and Par-Kut guardhouses can also be made of bullet resistant construction. The guard booth or guard house can be enhanced to reflect architectural elements found on the facility or campus. Different window treatments and glass tints, multi-color paint schemes, custom building shapes, brick or stone wall treatments, and various roof styles including standing seam hip style and double band fascia, can be incorporated into an unique guard booth design for your location. Interior options, electrical and lighting enhancements contribute to the aesthetic elements of the guard booth.

Therefore, installing a factory assembled guard booth to your corporate building or facility is not only beneficial for loss prevention and risk management, but also enhances your visitor and customer experiences when visiting your location. If you would like more information about Par-Kut factory assembled guard booths, one of our skilled sales people can help. Whatever your requirement for your guard houses, contact Par-Kut today to discuss your particular application.

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