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Keep Up With Your Company’s Growth With a Portable In Plant Office

Par-Kut International offers two types of prefab in plant office systems; factory assembled welded steel and panelized/site assembled. A Par-Kut prefab in plant office, whether welded steel or a panelized unit, is a depreciable asset. The investment in the prefab … Continue reading

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Benefits from Installing a Factory Assembled Guard Booth

Installing a factory assembled guard booth on the grounds of your campus or company facility is beneficial to the corporate or facility manger for loss prevention and risk management. At the same time, the new guard house provides enhanced visitor … Continue reading

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Characteristics of A Good Bus Shelter and Its Design

A well designed and built bus shelter or transit shelter is an essential part of any urban transit system or employee shuttle program.  A good shelter is one that is low maintenance and is damage-resistant. In addition, an ideal bus … Continue reading

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Control Booth Applications in Industrial Operations

For as many industries as there are, Par-Kut has that many factory built control booth solutions. If there isn’t a design for your specific application or size already created, Par-Kut will work with you, listen to your situation and develop … Continue reading

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Pay Station Shelters

The use of automated pay machines for parking revenue collection has been growing. Whether your application has multi-space parking meters or a single pay and display machine, Par-Kut offers pay station shelters, also known as ticket machine shelters to protect … Continue reading

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Steel Shelter Purchase Considerations

There are many reasons to consider the purchase of a steel shelter from Par-Kut International. Steel shelters are commonly used by people as transit shelters, valet parking waiting shelters and equipment or pay station shelters. Par-Kut is a specialty steel … Continue reading

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Prefab Ticket Booths

When planning events and day to day operations for an entertainment venue, recreation or sports facility, ticket booths for selling the price of admission are often the last piece of the puzzle. A prefab ticket booth from Par-Kut can help … Continue reading

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High Security Guard Booth Features Bullet Resistant Glass

The highest levels of security can be achieved with a bullet resistant guard booth or security building from Par-Kut International. After assessing the threat level in the intended location, a corresponding level for the bullet resistant components in the security … Continue reading

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The Benefits of In Plant Office and Prefab Office

Many businesses install modular in plant offices, also known as prefabricated offices or prefab offices, to add office space, a break room, or a control room within their facility. In this blog article, we will examine the benefits of incorporating … Continue reading

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Mobile Security Booth

Par-Kut has been building single unit welded security booths for over 60 years and our customers have enlightened us to the fact that stationery units are not always the solution to their needs. In many cases there is a desire … Continue reading

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