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Guard Booth with Restroom

A guard house, also known as guardhouse, guard booth, guard shack or security booth; is often located a long distance from the facility of which it is on the perimeter of. Therefore, the guardhouse is a long way from the … Continue reading

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Toll Booths & Inspections Booths – Built to Order

Par-Kut international stands ready to assist on projects that require a preassembled toll booth or modular inspection booth. Starting with floor plans as small as 3’ x 6’ or 4’ x 6’, the sizes increase in one-foot increments. The size … Continue reading

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Design & Manufacture of In-Plant Offices

Once a facility, plant manager or engineer has determined the need for a quiet and environmentally protected space, it’s time to start planning for the desired specifications and floor plan for the in plant office design. Type of Construction – … Continue reading

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Portable Security Booths

If you need to secure multiple gates or entrances, it is essential to have a security booth, guard house or parking booth you can position and use immediately.. Par-Kut portable security booths are perfect for guarding multiple entrances and gates. … Continue reading

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Prefab Control Booth

A prefab control booth offers a convenient solution when planning or building a new or expanded industrial processing line or facility. Agricultural, food processing, petro chemical, ore extraction & metals production, transportation equipment assembly, energy and pharmaceuticals are all industries … Continue reading

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Modern Guard Houses

Looking for a modern guard house? According to Wikipedia, modern guardhouses, also known as guard booths or security booths are manufactured off site in a factory according to customer approved drawings. An excellent example is of welded, galvanized steel construction, … Continue reading

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Guard Booth Visibility

Par-Kut guard booths can increase or enhance visibility in a variety of guard booth settings. For instance, solar tinted glass can be added, which will reduce glare and eye fatigue for the officers manning the position. For another example, the … Continue reading

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Keep Up With Your Company’s Growth With a Portable In Plant Office

Par-Kut International offers two types of prefab in plant office systems; factory assembled welded steel and panelized/site assembled. A Par-Kut prefab in plant office, whether welded steel or a panelized unit, is a depreciable asset. The investment in the prefab … Continue reading

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Benefits from Installing a Factory Assembled Guard Booth

Installing a factory assembled guard booth on the grounds of your campus or company facility is beneficial to the corporate or facility manger for loss prevention and risk management. At the same time, the new guard house provides enhanced visitor … Continue reading

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Characteristics of A Good Bus Shelter and Its Design

A well designed and built bus shelter or transit shelter is an essential part of any urban transit system or employee shuttle program.  A good shelter is one that is low maintenance and is damage-resistant. In addition, an ideal bus … Continue reading

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