Prefab Control Booth

control booth

Control Booth 15-253

A prefab control booth offers a convenient solution when planning or building a new or expanded industrial processing line or facility. Agricultural, food processing, petro chemical, ore extraction & metals production, transportation equipment assembly, energy and pharmaceuticals are all industries which have found Par-Kut’s portable control booths useful in and around their facilities.

From the onset of the process, it is simple for the plant engineer or architect to specify the size, style and options that they wish to include in the new control booth. One can start with an existing model, or start from scratch. With the rugged welded steel construction, a Par-Kut control booth can be placed virtually anywhere, either on the plant floor, or an elevated concrete slab or platform, or even on a raised rack to oversee a line.

control booth

Control Booth 15-254

The size of the control booth can be as small as 6’x8’ or as large as 12’x32’. The room can be subdivided with internal partition walls, or left as an open floor plan. The booth can have as much, or as little window area as the situation (and future needs) call for. Sometimes wall areas are left blank for customer mounting of equipment. Glass can be insulated or laminated for energy or sound control. Plastic glazing is also available for situations where glass is forbidden, such as food processing plants.

The welded steel control booths include factory installed lighting, outlets and climate control and are completely prewired to a wall mounted circuit breaker box. Par-Kut’s steel construction means the control booths can be lifted with a crane, or moved with a fork lift – handy for initial delivery and in the future.

Control booth options include sound deadening, built in restrooms, built in countertops and cabinets, finish flooring, factory preps for site installed equipment, and more. Contact Par-Kut sales dept. for more information.

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