Benefits from Installing a Factory Assembled Guard Booth

guard booth

Guard Booth 05-372

Installing a factory assembled guard booth on the grounds of your campus or company facility is beneficial to the corporate or facility manger for loss prevention and risk management. At the same time, the new guard house provides enhanced visitor and customer impressions of your company.

guard booth

Guard Booth 05-051

Loss prevention and physical security managers know that a climate controlled and well insulated guard booth allows their security officers to operate at peak efficiency. A secure and well heated and cooled, and draft free guard shack reduces the officers’ stress and fatigue, which allows them to perform better. Designing and manufacturing portable steel buildings since the 1950’s, Par-Kut International welded steel buildings provide durability for the owner and safety for the security officers.

Some Par-Kut guard booths include restrooms for 24/7 comfort, and Par-Kut guardhouses can also be made of bullet resistant construction. The guard booth or guard house can be enhanced to reflect architectural elements found on the facility or campus. Different window treatments and glass tints, multi-color paint schemes, custom building shapes, brick or stone wall treatments, and various roof styles including standing seam hip style and double band fascia, can be incorporated into an unique guard booth design for your location. Interior options, electrical and lighting enhancements contribute to the aesthetic elements of the guard booth.

Therefore, installing a factory assembled guard booth to your corporate building or facility is not only beneficial for loss prevention and risk management, but also enhances your visitor and customer experiences when visiting your location. If you would like more information about Par-Kut factory assembled guard booths, one of our skilled sales people can help. Whatever your requirement for your guard houses, contact Par-Kut today to discuss your particular application.

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