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Par-Kut guard booths can increase or enhance visibility in a variety of guard booth settings. For instance, solar tinted glass can be added, which will reduce glare and eye fatigue for the officers manning the position. For another example, the elevated guard booth or guard shack can include specially fabricated windows in which the top is tilted or angled out, which then allows the security officer to view downward. In the same way, Par-Kut can manufacture guard booths with windows either in the roof, or in the floor. Additionally, windows with lower bottom sills can be included in order to allow better visibility for seated officers seated, which can reduce fatigue. Furthermore, the entire guard booth can be platform or tower mounted to greatly increase the field of view.

Par-Kut can also modify the shape of a guard booth to suit a particular location such as a window up high in a restroom wall to allow for a line of sight that allows officers time to predict arrival of vehicles or pedestrians. Those restroom windows are usually darkly tinted or mirrored glass, or include a mini blind, or a roll down shade for privacy when required.

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Finally, a variety of glass options for Par-Kut guard booth allow a full field of vision and provide safety and comfort for the officers staffing the booth. Case in point, installing insulated glass helps keep windows clear of condensate while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature within your guard booth. Tinted and LowE versions are available. Par-Kut can also upgrade your guard house with storm or hurricane resistant (laminated) glass for the harsh weather locations and/or bullet resistant glass for high level security locations.

For more information about Par-Kut guard booth designs or glass options for maximizing visibility, please contact us at 1-800-394-6599. Ultimately, your Par-Kut guard booth design can include as much, or as little glass area as you want.

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