High Security Guard Booth Features Bullet Resistant Glass

Guard Booth

Guard Booth 15-138e

The highest levels of security can be achieved with a bullet resistant guard booth, guard house, or security building from Par-Kut International. After assessing the threat level in the intended location, a corresponding level for the bullet resistant components in the guard booth is specified. A factory assembled Par-Kut security booth will include laminated bullet resistant glass, a hardened ballistically protected door, and armor plate bullet resistant walls. Optionally, the roof and floor of the security booth can be specified as bullet resistant.

In business since 1954, Par-Kut International regularly manufactures bullet resistant guard booths and security guard enclosures with levels of protection from UL1 up to NIJ4. The level of ballistic protection is determined on a case by case basis with location, type of facility and hours of operation being key factors.

Once the protective level is selected, the size of the security booth, number of doors, HVAC, electrical features, countertops and possible architectural features are added. Sometimes, with lower levels of bullet resistant construction, sliding windows and/or transaction drawers can be added.

guard booth

Guard Booth 14-388p

The bullet resistant glass in a Par-Kut guard booth is typically laminated glass clad polycarbonate. This make-up affords good protection and also allows for tinting, reflective and even insulated options. The installation of the bullet resistant glass in a Par-Kut security booth includes solid interior steel stops or collars which are mechanically fastened and all threat angles are considered in the design.

When you have need for a bullet resistant security booth, contact Par-Kut International for ideas and a proposal to suit your needs.

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