Design & Manufacture of In-Plant Offices

in plant office

In Plant Office 2K-IND-007

Once a facility, plant manager or engineer has determined the need for a quiet and environmentally protected space, it’s time to start planning for the desired specifications and floor plan for the in plant office design.

in plant office

In Plant Office 98-468

  • Type of Construction – Floor plan – size can determine what is economical (over 300 square feet, for example tends to favor a panelized system). Smaller sizes & custom configurations will favor welded steel due to flexibility in steel manufacturing.
  • Portable – Rugged, in plant, industrial use situations favor high strength welded steel; both for durability and portability. Par-Kut portable steel buildings are both cranable and forkliftable.
  • Windows and door arrangements to suit- Make sure are you able to situate as many or as few windows as your current (and perhaps future) needs require. Many projects require a blank wall area for customers to mount their equipment. Windows can be fixed or sliding and at minimum are glazed with clear tempered safety glass. Laminated glass, insulated glass and even plastic glazing are available. Doors can be swing, or sliding type if space around the in-plant office is restricted. Sound deadening options, too.
  • Electrical and climate control factory installed, or not.
  • Paint in color of choice – a safety color, a color to blend the in-plant office with surroundings, matching a corporate color, or even two-color paint schemes are available.
  • AutoCad drawings prepared for every project to assure quality.

For more  information about Par-Kut in plant offices, go to our modular inplant office page or contact us page.

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