Keep Up With Your Company’s Growth With a Portable In Plant Office

in plant office

In Plant Office X11-166

Par-Kut International offers two types of prefab in plant office systems; factory assembled welded steel and panelized/site assembled.

A Par-Kut prefab in plant office, whether welded steel or a panelized unit, is a depreciable asset. The investment in the prefab office can be depreciated over a fairly short time of 5-7 years, depending on your tax counselor’s opinion. This is accelerated depreciation when compared to what is allowed for built in place office space ( 39 years).

prefab office

Prefab Office 15-196

A fully pre-assembled in plant office provides the ultimate in convenience. Owner’s and their contractors enjoy the speed of installation when everything is factory installed at the PAR-KUT fabrication and assembly plant in Michigan. Typically all that is needed is a large fork lift to remove the in plant office from the delivering truck, and then place it into it’s final location. Then, an electrician hooks the power supply to the circuit breaker panel within the prefab office. That’s it.

Panelized in plant offices typically provide best economy and are particularly well suited for office footprints over 300 square feet. Welded steel prefab offices are ideal for situations that demand high strength and durability, such as those found in processing facilities and basic industry.

Whether 100% assembled, or panelized, your prefab office can have as much or as little window area as you require. Add electrical, doors and ceiling treatments to suit. Other options include sound deadening, finish flooring, sliding windows, load bearing roofs and more.

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