High Security Guard Booth Features Bullet Resistant Glass

Guard Booth

Guard Booth 15-138e

The highest levels of security can be achieved with a bullet resistant guard booth, guard house, or security building from Par-Kut International. After assessing the threat level in the intended location, a corresponding level for the bullet resistant components in the guard booth is specified. A factory assembled Par-Kut security booth will include laminated bullet resistant glass, a hardened ballistically protected door, and armor plate bullet resistant walls. Optionally, the roof and floor of the security booth can be specified as bullet resistant.

In business since 1954, Par-Kut International regularly manufactures bullet resistant guard booths and security guard enclosures with levels of protection from UL1 up to NIJ4. The level of ballistic protection is determined on a case by case basis with location, type of facility and hours of operation being key factors.

Once the protective level is selected, the size of the security booth, number of doors, HVAC, electrical features, countertops and possible architectural features are added. Sometimes, with lower levels of bullet resistant construction, sliding windows and/or transaction drawers can be added.

guard booth

Guard Booth 14-388p

The bullet resistant glass in a Par-Kut guard booth is typically laminated glass clad polycarbonate. This make-up affords good protection and also allows for tinting, reflective and even insulated options. The installation of the bullet resistant glass in a Par-Kut security booth includes solid interior steel stops or collars which are mechanically fastened and all threat angles are considered in the design.

When you have need for a bullet resistant security booth, contact Par-Kut International for ideas and a proposal to suit your needs.

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The Benefits of In Plant Office and Prefab Office

in plant office

In Plant Office 15-196k

Many businesses install modular in plant offices, also known as prefabricated offices or prefab offices, to add office space, a break room, or a control room within their facility. In this blog article, we will examine the benefits of incorporating a modular inplant office in an existing plant. There are several key advantages with the installation of a modular in plant office.

prefab office

Prefab Office x11-166g

First of all, prefab in plant offices save money and time. Traditional office space designs are rigid and immovable with block and drywall construction, but these prefabricated in plant offices are movable. These offices can easily be installed in few days, compared to weeks for conventional office construction. A modular inplant office does not require a lot of labor and is easily installed in any plant. Prefab office systems are quicker and more efficient and the easy installation reduces construction time.

Second, modular in-plant offices improve employee efficiency in the plant. In the industrial manufacturing field, improving employee efficiency can give you a competitive advantage over other businesses. In plant offices allow production and quality control supervisors to remain in temperature controlled rooms while maintaining a clear view of their operations. Plant workers will be more productive with their supervisors nearby for rapid responses to questions. Furthermore, Par-Kut prefab offices are flexible to future in plant layout changes such as adapting new technology or reconfiguring the manufacturing process. The prefab office space can be easily modified to meet unique layouts as necessary and these systems can easily fit the new in plant office space. Par-Kut can provide fully assembled and portable offices, or, panelized and site assembled. Finally, all Par-Kut in plant offices come with the added benefit of customizable options based on your needs. Par-Kut prefab offices provide wide variety of colors and finishes as well as various options for doors, windows, wall thicknesses, and electrical packages. All Par-Kut prefab offices are built to order.

For more information about Par-Kut prefab offices / in plant offices, email us at http://www.parkutblog.com/contact/ or call us at 1-800-394-6599.

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Mobile Security Booth

mobile security booth

Mobile Security Booth 15-078k

Par-Kut has been building single unit welded security booths for over 60 years and our customers have enlightened us to the fact that stationery units are not always the solution to their needs. In many cases there is a desire to frequently move the security booth from location to location as needed. While all Par-Kut security booths are portable, having a TRAILER mounted booth allows the customer to transport the booth in an instant.

Construction sites routinely have entrance points that change throughout the project life. These temporary gates are a perfect application for a trailer mounted security booth. Including a larger trailer deck allows for the installation of gate arms, which truly offers Enter/Exit control for the security guards and can help a location deal with parking for a seasonal peak .

Educational institutions may have specific areas of concern that need to be focused on for a period of time or to set up a temporary informational station. In this case, customers can include sliding transaction windows in the booth so the guards or employees can communicate without leaving the portable trailer mounted security booth.

Entertainment venues can quickly move trailer mounted Security/Ticket Booths into position for extremely large events. Having this ability increases the amount of security checks right at the entrance to the facility and keeps the movement of traffic at it’s peak.

However, the largest demand for Trailer mounted Security booths comes in the form of check points at highly sensitive, secured locations. These types of locations will usually require one of Par-Kut’s ballistic buildings that are modified per the customer’s desires and/or specifications. This can include bullet resistant protection (all UL & NIJ Levels) for walls, glazing, doors, roof, and floor if necessary. These units are equipped with a heavy duty tandem axle trailer.

mobile security booth

Mobile Security Booth 15-170

Par-Kut trailers have a road ready light and reflector package, External cable for power hook up, Leveling jack’s, Grip strut step(s), Safety railings, and Tongue Jack with 2” coupler or pintle hitch. There are an endless amount of accessories that can be incorporated into the customer’s mobile security booth and trailer. Some of the most common being; Extended Decks on the front or back, Slide out ramps so the customer’s generator can be loaded onto the trailer deck for transporting, Transaction windows, Gun Ports, Exterior flood lights, etc….

Please call Par-Kut with your application and we will design a Mobile Security Booth Unit for you!

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Par-Kut Guard House

Par-Kut International has provided the safest, most attractive and durable guard houses and portable steel buildings since 1954. They are the best choice guard booths for government, private industry, airports, nuclear power plants and US Military facilities across the country and around the world. As the first factory-assembled guard house company, Par-Kut can design and manufacture guard booths, guard shacks, guard shelters, security booths, border inspection booths, security control checkpoints and observation towers.

Par-Kut guard houses protect your security officers and Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures offer protection against weapons ranging from 9mm handguns to high powered rifles. The level of protection for the new factory assembled security booth is determined by the specifier in the initial design phase when assessing the threat level in the area.

Our highly skilled craftsmen fabricate factory assembled guard houses made to your order. Par-Kut guard house options include exterior floodlights, reflective bullet resistant glass, gun ports, elevated platforms, and highly mobile trailer mounting. A guard booth can also include anti fatigue floor mats, dimmable interior lighting and a built in bathroom. Par-Kut guard booths can have a very basic appearance or can incorporate architectural enhancements to suit your location.

For more information about Par-Kut guard houses, please visit our Par-Kut guard house page. Or call 1(800)394-6599 to get started today.

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Bullet Resistant Enclosures

guard booth bullet resistant enclosure

Guard Booth S/N 04-149

The risks in today’s world require protection against some of the harshest ballistic threats. Bullet resistant enclosures offer optimal protection while providing a comfortable climate controlled atmosphere. Using the most trusted materials, engineering and craftsmanship, Par-Kut offers standard and custom bullet resistant guard booths, guard houses, security booths and prefabricated buildings.

Depending upon the perceived threat level and perimeter conditions, Par-Kut builds bullet resistant enclosures to offer protection against weapons ranging from 9mm hand guns up to multiple shots from high end automatic assault weapons.

Par-Kut can meet your specific ballistic threat requirements. Listed below are the base threat-level testing parameters from Underwriters Laboratory commonly used in the industry.

Base Testing Parameters for Underwriters Laboratory Standard 752
Level I 9mm 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket 1175-1295 (Ft./Sec.) 3
Level II .357 Magnum 158 Grain Soft Point 1250-1375 (Ft./Sec.) 3
Level III .44 Magnum 240 Grain Lead 1350-1485 (Ft./Sec.) 3
Level IV .30 Cal. Rifle 180 Grain Soft Point 2540-2794 (Ft./Sec.) 1
Level V 7.62 mm NATO 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket 2750-3025 (Ft./Sec.) 1
Level VIII 7.62 NATO 150 Grain Full Metal Jacket 2750-3025 (Ft./Sec.) 5

Rugged Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures are portable and can be moved using factory installed lift rings. Alternatively, a forklift can be used sometimes. Enclosures may be free standing, attached to an existing structure or built on a prefabricated tower up to 40′ high. They can also be provided on a rugged trailer for rapid portability. Par-Kut offers many aesthetic features to upgrade the booth appearance while staying within bullet resistant specifications. Eye pleasing facades, roof, wall and window treatments can add character and compliment the booth’s nvironment. Sizes and styles are unlimited.

Par-Kut bullet resistant enclosures have been used for gun towers, surveillance booths, perimeter check points and inspection buildings. Our clients include nuclear power plants, domestic and overseas U.S. military bases, border crossings, correctional facilities, shipping ports, airports, U.S. Government and Customs agencies, Fortune 500 corporations and hundreds of other high security facilities.

Par-Kut International has been instrumental in contributing to the mission of the U.S. Military and the efforts of U.S. Homeland Security and pledges to remain steadfast in those commitments. For more information about Par-Kut bullet resistant guard booths, please email us at http://www.parkutblog.com/contact/ or call us at 1-800-394-6599.

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Benefits of Portable Ticket Booths

If you have the need at your venue for any outdoor sales space, such as for tickets, then the best solution to your needs is likely to be a prefabricated ticket booth. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when purchasing a portable ticket booth or prefabricated ticket booths. When specifying a prefab ticket booth, choosing the right ticket booth model for your needs is essential.

ticket booth

Ticket Booth CRV-002

Besides durability, one of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a ticket booth is that it is an attractive structure that encourages customers to use it. With this in mind, Par-Kut ticket booths offer a variety of well-designed and attractive prefabricated ticket booths that can fit into many different settings, and can be customized many ways. Another benefit of a Par-Kut steel ticket booth is the security provided for your personnel and your revenue.

ticket booth

Ticket Booth AE-003

Choosing the right design of portable ticket booth is important; however there are also a number of other benefits of using the prefabricated ticket booth. Such as prefab ticket booths are delivered to the site complete and ready for use. The Par-Kut ticket booth has all the features, including electrical, that your staff will need when they use the ticket booth. The advantage of “instant” installation allows you to react quickly to changes in your market, and you have the option to procure additional units in the future that match the design of your original ticket booths.

There are a number of different designs of prefabricated ticket booths and options available from Par-Kut, and these ticket booths can fulfill a variety of different roles for your business. For more information about portable ticket booths, email us at http://www.parkutblog.com/contact/ , call us at 1-800-394-6599, or visit us at our factory in Harrison Township, MI

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Benefits of Smoking Shelters

smoking shelter shlt-004

Smoking Shelter Shlt-004

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 40 million Americans, 20% of U.S. adults are smokers, this indicates businesses, casinos, campuses, hospitals, and commercial buildings must find a solution to accommodate their needs without bothering non-smokers. The best solution is to install a smoking shelter.

Smoking Shelter

Smoking Shelter SHLT-006

Although smoking shelters can be used by businesses or facilities that need protected areas where they can provide refuge from harsh weather, smoking shelters can also prevent smoke from getting into smoke-free places from your smoking shelter.

Par-Kut smoking shelters can have a very basic appearance or can incorporate architectural enhancements to suit your location or the existing building’s architecture. Adding architectural smoking shelters to your facilities can also improve the appearance of your grounds. Architectural options include choice of tinted glazing, paint color, raised wall detailing, and various roof treatments such as standing seam hip, or gable style, barrel space and even sky lights. Additional functional options for smoking shelters include break-resistant glazing, doors and benches.

For more information about Par-Kut smoke shelters, email us at http://www.parkutblog.com/contact/ or call us at 1-800-394-6599.

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Guard Booths for Utility Plants

guard booth

Guard Booth 07-337

It is necessary to tailor security to the variety of hazards to be found at each utility plant. The type and location of utility will further define the security threats at any particular plant. Guard booths with blast and ballistic resistant construction are often part of the perimeter plan to defend utility facilities. Guard houses play a vital role to secure employees, and monitor vendors and visitors when they access the sites.

guard house

Guard House 14-333

guard booth

Guard Booth 06-114

The level of protection to be built into the new factory assembled guard booth for your utility plant is determined by the specifier in the initial design phase while assessing the threat level in the area. Par-Kut welded portable steel security buildings can be standard non ballistic, bullet resistant only, or blast and ballistic resistant walls, doors and windows.

Once you have determined a need to add a security booth somewhere within your facility, a prefabricated Par-Kut guard booth can be designed specifically for your particular needs and will be delivered fully assembled, ready to move into place and use. These portable steel buildings are 100% complete and include HVAC systems, lighting, countertops, phone, camera and data preps, finish paint and finish flooring, electrical service panel and lifting rings in the roof.

For more information about Par-Kut guard booths for utility plants, email us at http://www.parkutblog.com/contact/ or call us at 1-800-394-6599

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Guards In Elevated Guard Booths Help Shoppers Feel Secure

guard booth

Guard Booth SEC-015

Security guard officers stationed in elevated guard booths can enhance area security and help shoppers feel safer. Adding elevated guard booths staffed with professional security officers in the parking lots of retail outlets and shopping malls makes shoppers feel that their cars and personal belongings are safe.

With a prefab guard booth that elevated 10-12 feet, and with 360 degree windows, the security officers will have a clear line of sight into the sea of parking spaces that typically surround a mall. It’s like a lifeguard stand at a beach, but this observation post is watching over shoppers, not swimmers. In addition to providing extra security for people as they go to and from their vehicles, the elevated guard booth helps deter vandalism to vehicles, theft of items from the vehicles and car theft.

A study shows that the number of parking-lot crimes as well as motor-vehicle thefts can be dropped by more than 50 percent with the installation of an elevated security booth.

To elevate a guard booth is fairly simple and can be accomplished with a total factory solution which includes a factory assembled security booth and a welded steel platform with steps and a safety railings. If you already have a platform in your mall, a new guard booth can be engineered to be bolted to an existing platform.Par-Kut elevated guard booths can be installed atop a concrete block platform, or other customer supplied stand or tower. If you have a booth and want to elevate it, Par-kut can also provide a factory assembled, or site erected platform to suit.

Whichever type of platform used, an elevated guard booth is a great way to increase security in a mall as well as making shoppers feel secure. For more information about elevated guard booths, and to give your security a lift, contact us, or call 1(800)394-6599.

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Par-Kut Parking Booth

Par-Kut International is a world class manufacturer of parking booths and portable steel buildings. They are the best choice parking booths for your governmental facility, corporate building or educational campus. As the first parking booth company in the parking industry, Par-Kut can design and manufacture a rugged, galvanized, parking booth to meet your needs exactly. Par-Kut has been building quality parking booths since 1954.

The parking environment can often be extreme such as subjecting parking booths to harsh weather, physical abuse and neglect. A Par-Kut portable steel building withstands all adversity and remains looking good for up to 25 years. Par-Kut knows how to make a parking booth last!

One reason why Par-Kut a parking booths last longer is use of heavy duty materials that resist deterioration. Another reason is our highly skilled craftsmen who fabricate factory-assembled parking booths. Comfort and convenience features of Par-Kut parking booths include counter tops and cashier windows at 32” above floor level, transaction drawers and intercoms, tinted glass, additional insulation and climate control equipment.

The parking booth industry is a tough niche in which to excel. But, that’s exactly what Par-Kut does It is the mission of Par-Kut International to continue to produce superior parking booths and remain the quality leader in today’s parking booth industry. To learn more about Par-Kut parking booths, check out this video. Also please visit www.parkut.com/booths/applications/parking-booths/. Or call 1(800)394-6599 to get started today

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