Mobile Security Booth

mobile security booth

Mobile Security Booth 15-078k

Par-Kut has been building single unit welded security booths for over 60 years and our customers have enlightened us to the fact that stationery units are not always the solution to their needs. In many cases there is a desire to frequently move the security booth from location to location as needed. While all Par-Kut security booths are portable, having a TRAILER mounted booth allows the customer to transport the booth in an instant.

Construction sites routinely have entrance points that change throughout the project life. These temporary gates are a perfect application for a trailer mounted security booth. Including a larger trailer deck allows for the installation of gate arms, which truly offers Enter/Exit control for the security guards and can help a location deal with parking for a seasonal peak .

Educational institutions may have specific areas of concern that need to be focused on for a period of time or to set up a temporary informational station. In this case, customers can include sliding transaction windows in the booth so the guards or employees can communicate without leaving the portable trailer mounted security booth.

Entertainment venues can quickly move trailer mounted Security/Ticket Booths into position for extremely large events. Having this ability increases the amount of security checks right at the entrance to the facility and keeps the movement of traffic at it’s peak.

However, the largest demand for Trailer mounted Security booths comes in the form of check points at highly sensitive, secured locations. These types of locations will usually require one of Par-Kut’s ballistic buildings that are modified per the customer’s desires and/or specifications. This can include bullet resistant protection (all UL & NIJ Levels) for walls, glazing, doors, roof, and floor if necessary. These units are equipped with a heavy duty tandem axle trailer.

mobile security booth

Mobile Security Booth 15-170

Par-Kut trailers have a road ready light and reflector package, External cable for power hook up, Leveling jack’s, Grip strut step(s), Safety railings, and Tongue Jack with 2” coupler or pintle hitch. There are an endless amount of accessories that can be incorporated into the customer’s mobile security booth and trailer. Some of the most common being; Extended Decks on the front or back, Slide out ramps so the customer’s generator can be loaded onto the trailer deck for transporting, Transaction windows, Gun Ports, Exterior flood lights, etc….

Please call Par-Kut with your application and we will design a Mobile Security Booth Unit for you!

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