Steel Shelter Purchase Considerations

There are many reasons to consider the purchase of a steel shelter from Par-Kut International. Steel shelters are commonly used by people as transit shelters, valet parking waiting shelters and equipment or pay station shelters.

steel shelter

steel shelter 15-263

Par-Kut is a specialty steel fabricator and as such offers its shelters with design flexibility, a variety of sizes (depends on what needs to be sheltered), glass types, and electrical packages. For example, if a parking lot operator has a single, pay station, they would need a small shelter, maybe 3’ x 3’. A transit or bus shelter for the same parking lot might be a 5’ x 10’ or 6’ x 12’. Meanwhile, a busy valet parking operation at an event venue might be 10′ x 20′. Pay station shelters can be modified with electrical for either security lighting or directional signage to assist paying customers in finding the pay station. Transit and Valet Parking Shelters might be further customized for a better customer experience with the addition of doors, benches and overhead heating. Lighting can be solar powered too. Optional roof lines & protective overhangs can be added to a standard steel shelter to lend a unique, location specific look to tie the shelter in with the overall design scheme of a facility. This can also be accomplished with signage and painting. Laminated or safety glass ceiling panels can be built in for use with solar powered pay stations. Another strong benefit of Par-Kut welded steel shelters is their ability to withstand high winds and snow loads.

steel shelter

Steel Shelter 15-119

The design flexibility available with steel shelters built by Par-Kut provides the customer with almost unlimited freedom for size, style & options. For simplicity several standard models are available to start with.

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