Prefab Ticket Booths

ticket booth

Ticket Booth 02-221

When planning events and day to day operations for an entertainment venue, recreation or sports facility, ticket booths for selling the price of admission are often the last piece of the puzzle. A prefab ticket booth from Par-Kut can help promote the facility’s identity as well as help customers gain access. In addition to the actual transaction, a well-staffed ticket booth can give visitors and customers a good feeling about the organization.

ticket booth

Ticket Booth 09-273

Besides building in all the features of a well-equipped ticket booth, Par-Kut can do many things that will blend the booth in with the venue surroundings. For starters, the ticket booth can be painted in the official color of the school or team. Or, if a park system has a unique architectural style, such as a certain roof line or masonry, that can be incorporated. Signage and directional lighting can also be added to the ticket booth.

On the interior of the ticket booth, in addition to the standard work counter, Par-Kut can add more counter space, shelving, cash drawers, deal trays, cashier windows and even floor safes for additional security. If the ticket booth will be manned year round, there are a number of heating and cooling options in addition to extra insulation and high performance glass.

Whatever your requirement for your ticket booths, contact Par-Kut today to discuss your particular operation. Par-Kut ticket booths are portable steel buildings and can be called prefabricated or factory assembled. A factory assembled solution is convenient and simple to do.

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