Toll Booths & Inspections Booths – Built to Order

toll booth

Toll Booth 12-060

Par-Kut international stands ready to assist on projects that require a preassembled toll booth or modular inspection booth. Starting with floor plans as small as 3’ x 6’ or 4’ x 6’, the sizes increase in one-foot increments. The size for the project at hand is limited only by the space available on the traffic island and shipping restrictions, not the capability of the Par-Kut toll booth factory. Furthermore, the highly experienced staff are well versed in maximizing the utility of the toll and inspection booth designs with options and standard features.

toll booth

Toll Booth 16-280

Standard toll booth features from Par-Kut include single unit welded steel construction for superior strength, safety, longevity and portability. Additionally, Par-Kut toll booths are insulated and factory sealed with superior caulking and weather stripping to keep weather out and keep the attendants comfortable. Additional options for comfort and convenience include anti fatigue mat flooring, insulated glass, radiant heaters overhead, different types of sliding windows and doors, and even electrically adjustable countertops.

Further customizations for toll booth and inspection booth applications are available to suit particular needs. These can include; sloped windows to fight glare, bullet resistant construction, built in camera preps, stainless steel cabinets and IT cable-ways, toe space heaters, cash drawers, Dutch doors, etc.

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