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May 25, 2013
operator shelters
Operator Shelter 07-371

With the increased demand for domestic production of oil and gas there has been a corresponding increase in the drilling, extraction and transportation of oil and gas. These companies have a need for special enclosures that are used to shelter their personnel from the weather while they monitor transfer operations and perform office functions. They need enclosures that provide reliable relief from environmental conditions so their investment has been in welded galvanized PAR-KUT portable steel buildings.

operator shelters
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Whether mounted up on a rack to provide the operator with an enhanced view of operations, or on grade to allow for easier access for truck drivers and others, the rugged Par-Kut portable steel buildings feature double panel insulated steel walls and roof, a welded tubular steel frame, 360 degree vision with tempered glass windows and a fully weather stripped door, either sliding or swinging. The buildings also feature factory installed electrical systems, from basic lights and outlets up to hazardous location category explosion proof heaters, air conditioners, ventilation and even positive pressure units.

The windows of the operator shelters can be tinted to reduce glare, or even angled or tipped to allow for less glare and better viewing of activity beneath the shelter. To make things more convenient for our customers, all Par-Kut control booths include lifting rings in the roof to allow for a crane hoist to an elevated position on a loading rack or other platform. The operator booths can also be moved with a fork lift truck.

Each building typically includes a single sliding door, but often that is modified to a hinged door, and a second door can be added to the building to suit specific site requirements since all Par-Kut buildings are built to order, one at a time. Part of the
Par-Kut quality assurance process includes job specific customer approval drawings which are prepared from the project quotation and then sent out for end customer input and approval. This assures that all parties are on the same page and allows for modifications and additions to be made to the operator shelter design before the project is released to production.

During the quoting process, the electrical details are worked out and then the layout of the electric is illustrated in the approval drawing. It is often during this phase that the particulars of a site will come into play, such as the type of power being supplied to the booth. For example, it may be that the site voltage is three phase. Not a problem for
Par-Kut as a three phase circuit breaker panel/load center can be included. Again, explosion proof electrical devices can also be utilized at the customer’s request.

Lastly, the design of the security building itself can be beefed up to satisfy extreme winds, seismic activity or even a blast. The additional engineering adds a cost, but is invaluable when it comes to life safety issues and meeting building codes.
Par-Kut has manufactured portable steel buildings and operator shelters for close to 60 years. Give us a call or send us an email about your requirement and you will be happy you did. Par-Kut buildings are built to order, built to last.

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