Parking Booths Benefits of a Parking Booth with Security Guards for a Parking Ramp

June 29, 2018
parking booth 0005-C
Parking Booth 0005-C

Owners and operators of public parking ramps regularly deal with theft and other crimes that can occur on their premises. Having a parking booth staffed by security guards can help prevent crime, maintain security, and assist customers. The advantages of installing a parking booth and staffing it with a security officer are as follows:

  • Sense of Security for Ramp Users & Employees
  • Prevent Crime & Vandalism
  • Cash Handling & Customer Service
  • Monitoring & Rapid Response
  • Crime Reporting
Parking Booth 0009-PV
Parking Booth 0009-PV

The presence of a parking booth with a parking attendant or a security guard at a parking ramp or surface lot can offer peace of mind and a sense of security for customers. It gives customers the feeling that the parking ramp operator cares about their safety. And, this heightened sense of security could be marketed when comparing to parking facilities that are not attended.

In addition, simply having a parking booth and security personnel present will discourage criminals. Thieves will hesitate to target a parking ramp that clearly has uniformed protection with a parking booth and security officers. Professional security personnel are trained to recognize suspicious activity in the parking ramp. They can assess a situation and react to security breaches. A parking booth with a security guard present is a greater visual deterrent than camera surveillance alone.

parking booth
Parking Booth PARK-001

Moreover, parking attendants or security guards at a parking booth can provide insured cash handling and better customer services than pay machines. An attendant or guard can provide information deck such as helping people with driving directions and to find the store or restaurant the patron is looking for. The security officers can also escort customers from the parking booth back to their cars.

Professional security guards are also trained to handle crimes. They can take down details
and call the police. For lesser crimes, they can also detain suspects. These abilities and authorities of security guards contribute to increased security at the parking facility.

Further, security guards not only patrol for suspicious activity in the parking ramp, but can also monitor the video surveillance from the parking booth and check credentials. A security guard at a parking ramp may have specific goals, such as watching for vandals and thieves, and keeping an eye on the grounds after business hours. The monitoring by the security guard provides higher security at the parking ramp.

For the above reasons, it can be advantageous to install a parking booth and staff it with a security guard or parking attendant at parking ramps and other parking facilities. Par-Kut provides portable parking booths with a variety of security options. To learn more about Par-Kut parking booths, email us at or call us at 1-800-394-6599.

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