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The first factory-assembled portable steel building was fabricated, delivered and put into service in 1954. In the 1950’s, our company was named “Par-Kut” since parking lot huts were the only product we manufactured at the time. Until the 1970s, our firm’s full name was Par-Kut Engineering and Fabricating. Later on, the name was changed to Par-Kut International.

Par-Kut has always designed portable steel buildings with aesthetics and durability in mind. Backed with highest quality steel construction materials and workmanship, our portable steel buildings are environmentally complementing and eye-pleasing. Crane or fork liftable portable steel buildings and bullet resistant enclosures are our specialties now.

To find out more about the early history of Par-Kut International, Inc., see below.


Early History of Par-Kut International, Inc.

The forerunner of Par-Kut was Patterson Engineering & Fabricating, owned and operated by Maurice Patterson. Patterson was making map tables in 1954 when he was contracted to build a newsstand for a news concession in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The new idea was that Mr. Patterson thought to construct the newsstand out of heavy gauge sheet metal. Thus, the first factory assembled portable steel building was fabricated, delivered and put into service that year. Sadly, no pictures exist of that first unit.

Later in 1954, one of the earliest Parking conventions was held in Detroit. Some parking lot operators walked by that welded steel newsstand and asked if they could buy a parking lot cashier booth made of metal. “Uncle Pat” promptly invented a metal parking booth and then a trailer to deliver it a few weeks afterward. The first booths were fabricated in a garage, but after the 1955 national parking convention, where the concept of a factory built booth was embraced by the parking industry, the operation moved to a Quanset hut in north Detroit.

Fred W. Duemling began working for Patterson while attending business school. Fred graduated from Wayne State University in 1958 and it was his idea to rename the company PAR-KUT because that referenced the company’s primary product at the time (parking huts). Duemling and Patterson became partners and incorporated Par-Kut Engineering & Fabricating .

The operation grew as parking lot operators in other cities heard about the pre-fabricated cashier booths. By 1960 they were being delivered as far as Colorado and Utah by
Par-Kut’s company truck. Other market areas soon developed, including industrial guard shelters and weigh scale booths. The Par-Kut guardhouse was first displayed at the 1962 American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) convention.

The rest of the story, as is often said, is indeed history. The company has come a long way since the 1960’s and is now based in Harrison Township, Michigan. Still family owned and operated, Par-Kut occupies two side by side factory buildings especially adapted to manufacturing and finishing portable steel buildings. Product improvements made over the last 25 years are too numerous to list here, but we will be glad to tell you about them if you call. We have shipped product to all fifty states and across the globe. The company has successfully adapted to changes in the manufacturing environment and to the ever growing set of building code regulations and continues to produce quality structures with no equal. The company’s vision: Be the best booth company in the world!

Security Booth Company in 1970s
ENLARGE A PHOTOPar-Kut Employees in 1970's


Par-Kut Security Booth Company in 1980s
ENLARGE A PHOTOPar-Kut Employees in 1980's


Security Booth Company in 1990s
ENLARGE A PHOTOPar-Kut Employees in 1990's


Security Booth Company
ENLARGE A PHOTORecent Par-Kut Employees

Recent Par-Kut Employees

Parking Booth in 1950s
Parking Booth in 1950's
Par-Kut Parking Booth in 1950's
Did you know that Par-Kut International is the 1st parking booth company? The very 1st factory assembled portable steel building as well as the 1st parking booth was a newsstand constructed of sheet metal by Maurice Patterson in 1954.
Par-Kut Parking Booth History
Parking Booth in 1960's
Par-Kut Parking Booth in 1960's
Parking Booth in 1970s
Parking Booth in 1970's
Par-Kut Parking Booth in 1970's
Parking Booth in 1980s
Parking Booth in 1980's
Par-Kut Parking Booth in 1980's
This photo of the parking booth was taken in the late 1980's during a parking convention near Orlando, FL.
Par-Kut Parking Booth in 1990s
Parking Booth in 1990's
Par-Kut Parking Booth in 1990's
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