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December 29, 2019
Attended Parking Booth
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Although the use of automated self-service payment machines for parking revenue control has been growing, an attended parking booth can often be the best choice. This blog overviews some of the pros and cons of using self-service machines versus having a manned parking booth for parking revenue collection.

Automated pay machines for parking revenue collection can eliminate the
needs for on location employees and reduce the payroll costs. However, automated pay machines can be very expensive to buy, install and monitor. In addition, the automated pay machines can break when they are exposed to harsh weather and result in high repair and maintenance bills. Moreover, when the pay machines are broken, your customers cannot get in, leave or pay.

On the other hand, having a staffed and operational parking booth will have a real live employee to collect payments. Having one or two employees right onsite whenever the lot is open can provide a variety of benefits. First it can help prevent crimes and vandalism. The presence of a manned parking booth will deter criminals. In fact, a parking booth with a security guard or parking attendant present is a greater visual deterrent than camera surveillance alone. Second, the presence of a parking booth with an attendant provides visitors and employees with a sense of security and a peace of mind. Third, a parking attendant booth can provide customers with information, flexibility and better customer service than self-service pay machines alone.

Par-Kut builds factory-assembled, durable, well-insulated and climate-controlled parking booths with a variety of security features and options. Durability is the key for providing a long-lasting investment while withstanding tough parking lot conditions. Good insulation, heat and air conditioning provide parking attendants comfort which helps them perform at the highest customer service level. Exterior lighting of a Par-Kut parking booth will also increase security. Additionally, a Par-Kut parking booth can be fitted out with additional with a building access controls to allows the attendant to monitor the video surveillance from the parking
booth and check credentials.

If your analysis shows that a self pay machine is the way to go, Par-Kut has a range of shelters available for those, too.

In conclusion, in certain situations it can be more beneficial to install an attended parking booth at parking ramps and other parking facilities than a self-service ticketing machine alone. For more information about Par-Kut parking booth security features and options, email us at or call 1-800-394-6599.

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