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May 25, 2016
steel shelter
Steel Shelter SHLT-004

When it comes time to purchase prefabricated buildings for use as transit, parking pay machine covers, employee smoking, or operator’s shelters, you typically need to choose either steel shelters or aluminum shelters. You also need to determine if your shelter will be pre-assembled or a site built, panelized unit. Installing steel shelters can allow you to do onsite installation up to 50% faster than traditional construction. While your steel shelters are built in the factory, you or your installer can be at your site preparing the foundation to receive the completed modules. Once the land is graded, the concrete slab can be installed as needed to support your built to order steel shelters. When the foundation is ready, the steel shelters are crane set into place and anchored for a solid, durable and code compliant steel shelter.

Second, short run, built to order steel shelters give you more varieties of colors, shapes, designs and architectural styles. Any size shelter is available, as well. Vaulted, or curved, gable, hip, or mansard roofs may be specified as well as custom exterior wall treatments to match existing architectural designs. In addition, your choice of exterior finishes can be added to your steel shelters anytime, even after installation.

steel shelter
Steel Shelter 15-051

Third, steel shelters are often more cost effective. Aluminum is more expensive and it takes more aluminum to equal the strength of steel. If the material cost more, so does your structure. Therefore, when compared on the same design and with similar features and glazing, aluminum shelters usually cost more than steel shelters. Higher prices do not dictate better shelters, quality engineering and design does. Whether the steel shelter is intended for use as a smoking shelter, pay machine cover, transit shelter, or an operator shelter, the flexibility available with welded steel structures is unsurpassed. Add in the option for factory installed electric and you can’t beat the value.

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