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February 28, 2013

Pre-Built & Fully Equipped Guard Stations & Inspection Booths

Par-Kut International portable steel buildings are welded galvanized steel construction and withstand years of physical and environmental abuse. Our bi-level inspection security building / security booth is a unique design featuring an internal stairway and upper and lower inspection stations for security officers to interview both truck drivers and passenger car drivers.

security building
Security Buildings 03-091

Standard features and options for our bi-level security buildings include sliding windows and doors, built in wiring raceways, climate control, specific task level lighting, 360 degree windows, insulated double steel panel construction, and crane lift-ability for ease in installation and possible future moves.

security building
Security Buildings 03-091

Bullet resistant construction, enhanced architectural designs, built in restrooms, special exterior and interior lighting, stainless steel countertops, anti fatigue flooring, UPS systems, and custom shape and movable counters, window shades and tinted glass are some of the construction options offered to provide additional safety and comfort for security personnel.

security building
Security Buildings 03-091

In addition to the built to order units described above, many attractive designs and sizes are available with some standard models in stock.

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