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January 11, 2019
Border- Inspection Booth
Border- Inspection Booth 0013-C

Border inspection booths, also known as security booths  are being used more and more by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department (CBP) as part of the vehicle inspection system at both the Canadian and Mexican borders. Since the number of travelers, day workers and refugees arriving at ports of entry (POE’s) in the U.S. has been increasing, it is critical to have sufficient numbers of well outfitted border crossing inspection booths or guard booths.

When not restricted by space or finances, it is logical that adding border inspection guard booths, or replacing old ones will enhance the CBP’s ability to process travelers arriving at a Land Port of Entry, also known as a border station. Updated or additional lanes and booths helps to facilitate an increased flow of legitimate trade and traffic while maintaining CBP’s vital homeland security mission. The addition of inspection booths will help the CBP meet their volume goals and better serve their community.

Par-Kut provides prefabricated, factory assembled border inspection booths. All Par-Kut portable guard booths are entirely pre-built and are ready for use upon offloading, which means when you  order a Par-Kut factory assembled border inspection booth, security boothguard booth or guard house, there’s none of that downtime associated with onsite construction. In addition, Par-Kut guard booths can be customized with many different options in both functional features as well as appearance..

Some of the specific options for border booths include bi level construction to allow one booth to service both trucks and cars, double action inspection doors, bullet resistant windows and walls, power assist countertops for operator ergonomics, stainless steel construction booth and/or countertop materials, anti fatigue floor mats, lane marker lights on the roof of the booths, built in HVAC, phone and data preps, exterior flood lights and duress signals, etc.

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