Cashier Booth Cashier Booth for a Parking Control or Ticket Sales Building

February 28, 2015
parking booth
Cashier Booth 07-377

A cashier booth is a parking control or ticket sales building. Portable steel buildings are easily adapted to serve as a parking cashier booth. A factory assembled cashier booth or parking booth generally includes a sliding window for the transactions as well as a work counter, windows all around for visibility, a securely locking door, weather tight construction up to and heating and cooling for the cashier’s comfort.

cashier booth
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A cashier booth needs to be safe and secure and should project a professional image. A positive experience for your customers is very important for repeat business, so having a well designed
and attractive set of ticket booths at your facility is important. Ergonomics for the parking
attendant are taken into consideration during the design phase of the cashier booth specification and purchase process. Most building codes now require installation of an ADA compliant cashier booth, and at least one in a multi unit plaza.

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Since ownership of parking lots can sometimes change, another important feature of a good cashier booth is that it be portable. A PAR-KUT brand portable steel building can be moved by fork lift or crane. It is of heavy duty, all welded steel construction so they are easy to move, highly durable and safe for the attendants.

From the most basic and standard cashier booth design to one featuring high end architectural treatments, if it can be drawn, it can be built in the Par-Kut factory. The fabricators can build a ticket booth with glass to glass corners, radius corners or even round ends. Another popular appearance is the colonial look with a standing seam roof on the cashier booth. Built in restrooms and even bullet resistant construction are also available.

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Cashier Booth PARK-001

Par-Kut has manufactured over 26,000 portable steel buildings, cashier booth units and ticket booths. Contact Par-Kut for your booth project and use some of that experience to your advantage.

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