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July 26, 2021

A guard booth, also known as a security booth, guard house, or an access control building, is necessary to secure your commercial building, plant, government facility, parking ramp, or even residential buildings within gated communities. You may wonder if those guard booths need to be updated during  COVID-19  and after the pandemic. In this blog, we are focusing on how a guard booth can be adapted to better serve during and after the pandemic.

According to CNBC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers say that simply opening windows or installing new fans in a building to keep the air moving could be just as effective or more effective than spending large amounts of money on a new filtration system. Not surprisingly, they also say that small, poorly ventilated spaces where people spend a lot of time together puts those people at  risk. As for the newer COVID variant strains that are more transmissible, increasing ventilation, reducing the amount of time spent inside and limiting the number of people indoors could offset the risk of exposure.

A guard booth, security booth or guard house typically occupies one or two security officers, and is operated “open-door” throughout the year.  This common practice provides decent airflow, but, sliding windows, either horizontal or vertical, can be added to a security booth during design to take advantage of natural breezes to ventilate the booth. However, during winter with it’s cold weather, the door(s) need to be closed to allow the inside of the booth to warm up. The solution is to build a guard house or security booth with factory supplied HVAC  that can provide good airflow inside and bring fresh outside air to the inside of the booth. Moreover, a guard booth can include ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fans that offer a low cost method to provide improved air circulation. Par-Kut International also manufactures guard houses with a restroom and those include an
exhaust fan for ventilation as standard equipment.

Additionally, a security booth with touchless technology is one of the adaptions to the pandemic world, as  people now tend to prefer minimum physical contact at an entrance gate. Par-Kut’s versatility in design and their fabrication experience and equipment allow us to custom-design a guard booth that uses touchless technology.  Touchless technologies for a guard booth, security booth or guard house include an exterior mount ID scanner
to check your employees’ credentials without face-to-face physical contact when they enter the facility’s gate, an amplified speak-thru intercom system for your security personnel with high-quality person-to-person communication, a wall mounted sanitizer dispenser, and even automatic sliding or swinging doors.

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