Guard House Guards In Elevated Guard Booths Help Shoppers Feel Secure

July 25, 2016
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Guard Booth SEC-015

Security guard officers stationed in elevated guard booths can enhance area security and help shoppers feel safer. Adding elevated guard booths staffed with professional security officers in the parking lots of retail outlets and shopping malls makes shoppers feel that their cars and personal belongings are safe.

With a prefab guard booth that elevated 10-12 feet, and with 360 degree windows, the security officers will have a clear line of sight into the sea of parking spaces that typically surround a mall. It’s like a lifeguard stand at a beach, but this observation post is watching over shoppers, not swimmers. In addition to providing extra security for people as they go to and from their vehicles, the elevated guard booth helps deter vandalism to vehicles, theft of items from the vehicles and car theft.

A study shows that the number of parking-lot crimes as well as motor-vehicle thefts can be dropped by more than 50 percent with the installation of an elevated security booth.

To elevate a guard booth is fairly simple and can be accomplished with a total factory solution which includes a factory assembled security booth and a welded steel platform with steps and a safety railings. If you already have a platform in your mall, a new guard booth can be engineered to be bolted to an existing platform.Par-Kut elevated guard booths can be installed atop a concrete block platform, or other customer supplied stand or tower. If you have a booth and want to elevate it, Par-kut can also provide a factory assembled, or site erected platform to suit.

Whichever type of platform used, an elevated guard booth is a great way to increase security in a mall as well as making shoppers feel secure. For more information about elevated guard booths, and to give your security a lift, contact us, or call 1(800)394-6599.

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