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October 31, 2015
control booth
control booth IND-008

For most, if not all industrial plant and processing locations, time is money! As such, plant managers would rather invest in a pre fab control booth versus building with their own labor force. A factory assembled control booth from Par-Kut will provide a professionally designed and built pulpit while allowing the customer’s personnel to keep producing their product & profits! And it starts with a simple phone call to the sales and estimating group at Par-Kut.

In many situations, a previously designed control booth can serve as basis-of-design for a new application/different location. In other circumstances, a unique layout with custom configurations for windows and doors will be required. In either scenario, the designers at Par-Kut are adept in catering to location specific needs and options. Furthermore, the factory assembled portable steel buildings and control booth are built to order, so the customer has the final say on approval drawings, options and colors.

control booth
control booth PSO-003

Welded steel control booths and operator shelters provide superior durability and portability. Additionally, Par-Kut portable steel buildings are pre-wired at the factory with light(s), outlets, data and phone preps, and HVAC to allow for rapid hook up and use of the pulpit. No large commitment for your plant electrician beyond supplying the power feed to the control booth’s built in circuit breaker panel. All windows and doors are factory installed as well, per approved control booth submitted drawings. Sliding doors are option, as are hinged doors with closers – the type depends on the space available and the volume of traffic through the doors. Glass can be standard clear safety glass, laminated, insulated, tinted, Low E or polycarbonate to suit the needs.

Another plus of the welded steel control booth design is that they are crane liftable as well as fork liftable. And – they are rugged enough to move at a future date without having to disassemble. The modular steel control booths also allow for sound deadening enhancements for improved acoustics.

Like all Par-Kut portable steel buildings, the control booths are built to order and built to last!

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