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December 27, 2014
information booth
Information Booth 09-090

Facility managers might need an information booth when:

  • Large campus, plant site or scenic attraction
  •  Many buildings, lots of streets, large building
  • Regularly experience a high volume of visitors
  • Want to improve visitor’s experience perception
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Reduce visitor’s time seeking their destination
  • Assist visitors in maximizing their experience and thus encouraging or promoting repeat visits and business revenue

What features might be important in an information booth?

  • An attractive portable steel building with clean corners and professionally designed & built is a great start – it will draw the visitors to it
  • Solid & safe construction with climate control and a thoughtfully laid out working arrangement will be appreciated by the employee staffing the information booth and that will be expressed in a job well done interacting with those seeking information

Design details in an information booth

information booth
Information Booth 12-214
  • Attractive paint color(s) to extend your organizations identity to the information booth
  • Architectural style to match other buildings on campus
  • Signage to assist visitors can be placed on the booth
  • Portability – All Par-Kut buildings can be moved with the right equipment, but options provide ultra portable units such as trailer mount, caster mount or built in fork lift slots
  • Sliding windows in an information booth to assist with face to face communication and handing out maps and brochures
  • Factory complete electrical system pre-wired to a circuit breaker panel, all per the National Electric Code. Options include pig tail or ship to shore receptacles to allow quick “plug-ins”. Gas or diesel fueled generators can provide standby or prime power for distant information booth locations

In Summary:
Your information booth may be your visitors’ first point of contact and its wise to provide an attractive and well planned building for the purpose. Contact the Par-Kut professionals and tap their experience – Portable Steel Buildings Since 1954!

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