Information Booth Major Design Elements of an Information Booth

February 1, 2016
information booth
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For facilities such as tourist attractions, college campuses and hospitals, who have new visitors regularly, a prefab information booth, ticket booth or service booth is an excellent plan for creating the desired visitor experience. With a professionally built information booth, the facility owner can provide a visitor focal point with all the important information that a first time visitor needs in their first moments upon arrival. Sometimes even more important is the friendly greeting that your chosen staff members will be able to extend. First impressions are so important to repeat visits and for repeat business opportunities!

information booth
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Once the location for your information booth has been determined, think about the visitor interactions. Will the visitors approach on foot, or in their car? Or both? The answers to these questions help with the layout and equipment package for the information booth. There may also be need for cash handling options.

The setting for your info booth may also impact the equipment package. For example, a south Florida location will need hurricane resistant construction, windows, and protected air conditioning units. A northern U.S. location such as the Great Lakes or New England region will require the information booth or ticket booth to have upgraded heat output, thermally broken window systems and/or additional insulation. In both hot and cold climates, the operable window opening size can be limited to minimize energy loss and reduce attendant fatigue due to wind exposure.

Interior countertops, shelving, cabinets and drawers can be built into the information booth at the factory to suit your location’s needs to distribute maps, visitor guides, coupons and tickets. Locking cash drawers, floor safes and deal trays are also available. For the toughest neighborhoods or high end security locations or where a significant amounts of cash will be handled, bullet resistant construction is an option.

If there’s a need for an information booth at different gates during the course of your year or season, a great thing about Par-Kut booths is that they are portable! Moved easily with a fork lift, small crane or other equipment at your site, the info booth cab be equipped with a quick connect electric hook up, fork lift pockets, or even trailer or caster mounted. It just depends on how often and how far you plan on moving the ticket booth.

In their simplest form, an information booth might not have electric at all, and it could be seldom used, such as at a high school football stadium. Or, it could be a multi window unit at a theme park or zoo. Whatever the location, Par-Kut’s team of sales people, designers and fabricators stand ready to assist you with the best information booth you can find anywhere in the world!

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