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June 8, 20120

When deciding which type of an in plant office or industrial booth you are going to choose, be aware that Par-Kut International offers you two different options of building them and furnishing them to your site. There are “Knock Down” (KD) panelized aluminum office systems (prefabricated and site assembled) and a pre-assembled, welded steel option. Keep in mind the location where the building will be located as well as the path for delivery. If you have any height or width restrictions, i.e. a small doorway opening or a difficult location to reach with a preassembled modular in plant office or industrial building, then your best option would be to choose the panelized modular in plant office. The panelized buildings are shipped in kit form and are assembled on location with your labor or optionally, by a traveling crew.

Modular In Plant Office

Modular In Plant Office MODO-001

If there are no restrictions because of location, time, site, etc., and especially if you need a unit that will be easily portable in the future, the option for you is the preassembled modular in plant office or industrial booth. The pre-assembled buildings are completely factory assembled and built from start to finish at the Par-Kut plant in Harrison Township, MI and then shipped directly to your site. All amenities (doors, windows, electrical and HVAC) are pre-installed at Par-Kut. Once the modular in plant office or industrial building is trucked to your location and off loaded and set in place, all that will be left is to hook up the electrical supply to the circuit breaker panel. Deciding between a pre-assembled and a prefab panelized office depends on your locational needs and which product is the best fit for current and long term requirements.

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