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February 29, 2016

Free up Internal Resources and Eliminate Hassles

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Par-Kut toll booths are pre-assembled, portable steel buildings, making them user friendly and ready for occupancy right away once delivery has occurred and the unit is set on the slab. Factory assembly speeds up the procurement of site specific and often complicated toll booths. Customers benefit with lower overall expenses, less frustration and reduced timetables.
Pre-engineered and factory assembled toll booths have a positive impact on the bottom line by saving time and money. For example, if a facility or it’s contractor choose to site build a toll booth or guardhouse, they typically have to provide a design and then job packages out to various trades to handle the structure, the glass and doors, the HVAC, etc. Throughout the process, somebody has to watch over the progress and quality of the site work. When you purchase a pre-built Par-Kut toll or control booth, all the drawings and figuring on the structure is taken care of. Project specific approval drawings ensure that your final project is delivered perfectly to suit your location needs. Over the course of time, since the Par-Kut toll booth designs are kept on file, you or your site managers can rest easy that the same high quality structure can be purchased and installed in different locations.
Par-Kut International welded steel portable toll booths are well suited for locations where the owner or facility manager anticipate the need to move the building during the course of their useful service life, which is typically 20-30 years. Par-Kut booth designs and floor plans are easily customized with standard sizes starting at 4′ x 6′ up to 12′ x 40′. Furthermore, many architectural enhancements are available to suit the surroundings.

Other Par-Kut toll booth benefits include:

  • Bullet resistant and restroom options
  • Cash Handling Security Options
  • Repeatable design for corporate uniformity
  • Can be moved easily with fork lift or crane
  • Factory Built production allows highest quality control
  • On grade or elevated options

PE stamped Drawings for Approvals

Many states have their own certification programs for preassembled buildings.

  • Quality Assurance Program on file with that state.
  • In plant in inspection of the building against the state registered drawings.
  • A state approval label (the “Gold Label”) affixed to the building

Par-Kut participates in most state modular building approval programs. In those states or jurisdictions without programs, Par-Kut can provide, as an option, PE stamped drawings and calculations as well as energy code compliance calculations (ComCheck) for local permitting.

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