Parking Booths Parking Booth Purchase Considerations

September 1, 2013

Consider the following before you buy your next parking booth or guard house. Because a well built, long lasting security booth is an investment you don’t want to make more often than necessary.

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  1. Durability – What is the typical service life for the parking booth you are considering? What do other customers of that company say? How long has the parking booth company you are considering been in business?
  2. Security and Visibility – Is the glass tempered? Does the door feature a heavy duty hook bolt lock? Is the door steel or aluminum? What vandal resistant options are there? Is bullet resistant construction available?
  3. Portability – Does the booth construction allow for future movement when ownership changes? A steel booth can be moved more often and simply than other types. Does your booth allow movement by a forklift? Does the booth have lifting ring(s) in the roof?
  4. Cash handling – Can a floor safe or cash drawer be included? Are there sliding windows with locks for transactions? Is there an option for a sliding deal tray or ticket window?
  5. Ergonomic – How easy is it for attendants to work out of the parking booth? What is the standard height in the booth for cashier window sill? Does the window slide easily? Are the shelves and counter tops at comfortable working height? What options does the manufacturer have?
  6. ADA compatible designs? Does the doorway have a clear opening of 32”? Are all climate controls within reach? Is the door hardware of appropriate design (ie., lever handle for hinged door)?
  7. Restrooms – Does the parking booth manufacturer offer restrooms inside their buildings? Is the restroom layout of a suitable design to meet both national plumbing code and ADA? What are the options to traditional cold water plumbing fixtures?
  8. Climate control – Are the walls and roof of the parking booth insulated? How tight are the windows? Is insulated glass required to meet energy code? What types of heat and air conditioning options are there? Are there windows all around?

A review of the above items is suggested prior to making your next parking booth investment.

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