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March 23, 2017
pay station shelter
Pay Station Shelter SHLT-017

The use of automated pay machines for parking revenue collection has been growing. Whether your application has multi-space parking meters or a single pay and display machine, Par-Kut offers pay station shelters, also known as ticket machine shelters to protect your pay machines and minimize repair expenses. These pay station shelters are designed to ensure longevity for new automated payment machines by shielding them from harsh weather and damaging environmental conditions such as direct sun, rain and ice. These pay station shelters can also protect your customers while they are performing their transactions. In addition, keeping rain and snow away from paper tickets and currency can reduce field service calls. Furthermore, a pay station shelter assists your parking customers in finding the pay station more quickly.

ticket machine shelter
Ticket Machine Shelter SHLT-015

Par-Kut pay station shelters are all prefabricated, and can be either aluminum or steel construction. Par-Kut’s site erected aluminum shelters are constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum or white prefinished frame and panels. Both standard and custom sizes are available to suit your needs. Aluminum pay station shelters feature translucent fiberglass roof, tempered safety glass wall panels and sturdy framework. Elevated wall panels provide ventilation and drainage on grade. Shelters may be ordered with overhangs for protection from the elements and wider facias to accommodate graphics and signage. With instructions and all required hardware included, these shelters are easy to assemble and provide an economical solution to pay station protection. Par-Kut’s steel pay station shelters are heavy, welded galvanized steel construction. These single unit steel pay station shelters stand up to both physical abuse and the harshest weather. High quality polyurethane top coats in “unlimited” colors protect shelters from corrosion while maintaining an appealing appearance to the pay station shelter setting. Each ticket machine shelter is fitted with clear or tinted polycarbonate, or safety tempered glass. Pay station shelters may also be customized to accommodate special equipment features. Designs may include extended overhangs to protect patrons, standing seam roof treatments, window mullions and wide facias to support graphics. Vandal resistant lighting is optional. Solar lighting now available as well

For more information about Par-Kut pay station shelters, please go to our pay station shelter page or go to our “request a quote for pay station shelters” page for pricing. If you need a pay station shelter, our skilled team can help.

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