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November 30, 2015
In Plant Office
In Plant Office 15-084

There are many reasons to add an in plant office to an industrial location, warehouse or processing facility. A portable in-plant office provides the controlled environment of a “built in” office plus the flexibility of an office that can be easily moved. A welded steel in plant office from Par-Kut is shipped complete with doors, windows and wiring so it is ready for use upon delivery and electrical hook up. Furthermore, since a Par-Kut factory assembled the building is built to order, it can be configured to suit your exact requirements.

A couple examples of modular inplant office applications include: shipping and receiving office, plant supervisor office and control pulpit or operator shelter. The available space within your plant will determine the length, width and shape of the modular in plant office. While windows in all sides of a Par-Kut building are standard, the number and size of windows can be customized to suit location needs for equipment mounting or blank outs due to columns, stairways or other features or obstructions in the larger facility.

In Plant Office
In Plant Office 15-084

The Insulated wall and roof construction of a Par-Kut in-plant office provide natural sound reduction. The windows can be upgraded with laminated and/or insulated glass for further sound deadening. Other materials can be added to the ceiling, floor and walls of the modular office for even more acoustic dampening. On the other hand, a Par-Kut building may be used to cover noisy equipment to contain the noise from that particular piece of machinery.

A Par-Kut in plant office typically includes electrical convenience outlets, overhead lighting (fluorescent or LED), heating, cooling, and all wiring per NEC terminating at a factory installed circuit breaker panel. All the branch breakers for the factory installed electrical devices are provided. A 100 amp main breaker is standard in the 120/240 V, 12 space panel. Alternate load centers can be specified for your in plant office based on available power supply at the site. The pre-fab in plant office can be prepped for the power to be fed through the wall, floor, or roof.

The typical door in an in plant office is a swing, hinged steel door with window. A hydraulic closer is provided as standard equipment with Par-Kut prefab offices to minimize disruptions due to noise and the temperature changes often associated with doors opening and closing. A second hinged door can be added to larger offices or two rack mounted operator shelters in a “walk through” situation. Sliding doors can also be utilized should site constraints so require. Par-Kut’s sliding steel doors are top hung and heavy duty, built for hard industrial usage.

Inplant Office
Inplant Office 15-084

The floor plan of your new pre-fab in plant office can include partition walls to sub divide the space into smaller rooms, offices, closets and restrooms. Built in countertops and cabinets can be added at the factory. Restroom fixtures can be shipped loose, or for a premium, factory installed. If you anticipate the use of a rolling office chair is inside the modular in plant office, please specify a type of flooring that is compatible.

When you have determined the need for and in plants office to provide a workspace or environmental shelter, reach out to the people at Par-Kut International, Inc. They’ve been providing portable steel buildings since 1954 and would love to help you, too.

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