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October 21, 2013
portable ticket booth
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Fairs, carnivals, sport venues and other event facilities need ticket booths for admission sales. Often, portable ticket booths are even better as needs change throughout the year. All Par-Kut welded steel buildings are portable, but certain options can be added to make them even easier to move.

The most basic portable ticket booth will feature one walk up style cashier window and possibly an outside shelf beneath the ticket booth cashier window to offer convenience to facility customers during their ticket purchase. Larger ticket booths will include multiple cashier windows. If weather extremes are not a problem, portable ticket booths can include a basic solar powered light. When temperature control is necessary in the portable ticket booth to keep your cashiers comfortable and pleasant, a hard wired electric system is typical. The Par-Kut factory can include full systems with heat, light, outlets and air conditioning in your portable ticket booth.

The options that help make a portable ticket booth easier to move include fork lift slots in the base, casters, trailers and skid mounting. Generators can also be included. Security for cash can be improved with locking cash drawers and safes.

ticket booth
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Last, your ticket booth or portable ticket booth can have a basic appearance, or can include one of a hundred different architectural schemes to blend or match with your facility. We have our own spray paint booth and can provide multi color paint schemes, just for starters.

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