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September 29, 2015
information booth
information booth PREZ-001

When a facility, campus or attraction has the need for an information booth, an excellent choice is a prefab information booth from Par-Kut International., Inc. Par-Kut
specializes in portable steel buildings and has the experience and know-how to provide the factory assembled information booth design best suited to the specific location and application. Hundreds of custom designs have been created over the years as well as standard layouts. Par-Kut prefab information booths offer the buyer convenience, quality and class.

The convenience factors of a Par-Kut information booth include single source and minimization of on site work. A factory assembled information booth allows the designed the freedom to work with the factory in terms of layout, options and finishes. Want three information windows plus outside stainless steel shelves in your visitor information booth or greeting station? No problem! Available options, finishes, roof treatments and building styles are limited only by the specifier’s imagination and budget. The other big plus associated with a pre-built information booth is that there is minimum site work and much less coordination of trades than stick built construction requires! Just buy the Par-Kut information booth, approve the design and wait for it to be delivered. All you need at site is a concrete slab and an electrical power source. When the booth is done at the factory, it is shipped out on a truck, ready to a fork lift or crane to lift off and set in place.

Information Booth
Information Booth CUST-005

When you have specified a Par-Kut information booth, you can be confident that the professionally designed and built structure will extend the First Class image you want to project to your current and prospective customer as well as provide a comfortable and positive work place for your employees as they welcome visitors while staffing your information booth. One theme that bears repeating that first impressions are lasting ones, so while you are designing a new information booth or ticket booth, make sure it is such that it projects the quality feeling your organization is looking for, particularly to encourage new and repeat business. Another design concept is to make your information booth stand out, not that it detracts from your overall landscape, but rather that it guides people seeking information to it. This can be done both with the portable building design and with signage.

Information booth designs can include a variety of options to improve customer and visitor interactions and can include walk in lobbies or vestibules for larger facilities, sliding windows, deal trays and intercoms for higher security or low volume situations, and cash handling equipment for those locations where the location also serves as a ticket booth. Buildings can be permanently mounted, or portable. Either way, a factory assembled information booth from Par-Kut can be custom built to meet your exacting requirements.

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