Prefab Office Prefab Office Applications

February 17, 2018

A prefabricated office can be a basic conference room, supervisor’s office, lunch room, or simply an environmentally controlled quiet area or break room for employees. Par-Kut modular in plant office can include sound deadening features for further relief from noisy plant environments.

The prefabricated office, also known as a prefab office, can be designed to monitor processing or serve as a quality control check point. A Par-Kut prefab office can always be lifted with a fork truck or crane and can be further modified for permanent mounting on an elevated platform, and can even be suspended overhead for special applications.

A heated and cooled Par-Kut modular in plant office facilitates control points and scale truck operations. All factory installed electrical devices, including lights, outlets, HVAC, and circuit breaker panel are provided in accordance with the National Electric Code and are located to satisfy code and customer requirements. All Par-Kut prefab offices are factory built according to customer approved CAD drawings.

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