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April 15, 2019
School Security Booth 0091-C
School Security Booth 0091-C

Unfortunately, the number of critical security issues at schools has increased significantly over the past twenty years. Of course there are countless ways to help improve a school’s security. Depending on location, one measure being used to increase school security is the installation of a security booth.

A security booth or guard booth, also known as a school security booth or guardhouse, can be implemented as an access control point for a school facility. If a suspect enters the facility through the gate with a security booth, the security officer has the ability to radio to the school security system that there is a threat on the school campus.

School Security Booth 0091-C 0100-C
School Security Booth 0091-C 0100-C

Additionally, the mere presence of a security booth on a school campus shows that the administration and board are serious about security and protecting their students and faculty. For potential threats to the campus, the security booth can acts as a deterrent. For the authorized faculty and staff, it reminds them that this is a safe place for them to work and the administration cares about them. For larger school campuses, a number of guard booths could be required to control access at multiple points of entry.

When a school facility manager decides to create controlled entry point(s) at a school, a prefabricated school security booth, or prefab security booth, is perfect to help facilitate the new security checkpoint. Par-Kut International provides a welded steel security booth built for one person or multiple security officers. This allows security personnel to work at the school security booth right at the point of entry, where they can best prevent any threat from entering the school.

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