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July 27, 2015
security booth 14-333
security booth 14-333

How does one go about getting a cost estimate for the purchase of a new factory assembled security booth or guard house? Well, by doing some homework first, you can enjoy a fairly smooth process for obtaining an estimate for procurement of a portable steel building. By answering some basic questions, it is easy to get a budget price from Par-Kut International for your pre assembled security booth guard building. If you do not have a list of needs already compiled, you can obtain a check list from Par-Kut.

First of all, know the size of the building you want to install. this will vary with the size of the concrete pad you wish to install the security booth upon, as well as the intended number of occupants and any visitors.Additionally, is the guard post staffed around the clock, or part time? This may determine the need for a built in restroom. Additionally, how is the guardhouse or security shelter oriented in regard to traffic flow? Is it in the middle of entering and exiting traffic, or off to the side? The helps determine the number and type of doors that will be required within the new security booth. Another item to consider is the security officer to visitor, vendor or delivery drive interaction. Do the visitors need to come into the booth, or will the guard process them in and out of the facility by going out to them, or by talking from the security booth door or a sliding window?

security booths
security booth 14-333

It is very helpful if there is a sketch or layout drawing showing where doors, window and counter-tops are positioned. This can be a very simple (napkin) hand made drawing. Also, review the standard features included in the guard building. All Par-Kut security booths include single unit welded steel construction, windows all around glazed with clear safety glass, built in counter-top across one end with a drawer, one sliding door with window and lock, factory installed light, outlet and heater, CB panel with main, treadplate floor, lift ring in roof and a 3″ x 6″ canopy overhang with drain pipe. The security booth is painted in your choice of a single color polyurethane paint.

All security buidlings and guardhouses are built to order so Par-Kut can design a booth to meet your exact requirements, even if bullet resistant or blast resistant construction is needed. Par-Kut needs the follwing pieces of information when you request a quote:

Project Name
Size and Style of Booth
Cit & State of Final Location (code issues and freight)

Any standard features in a Par-Kut security booth not needed will be credited. Everything else is optional and provided upon request. The most popular options include various combinations of HVAC, restrooms, trailer or platform mounting, additional counter-tops, extra electrical or phone/data outlets, flooring upgrades, different types of glass (tinted, insulated, Low E, etc.), exterior lights, multi color paint schemes, larger roof fascias or overhangs for shade, sliding windows, and deal trays or intercoms.

Contact Par-Kut by phone or e-mail. One of our estimator/project managers will be happy to discuss your pending security booth project pricing and create a project specific proposal for your use. We can also provide literature for your internal meetings with other decision makers or project influences. In the end, you want to specify and purchase a building that you can forget about for a decade or two. Call 586-468-2947, visit, or send us a note at

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