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March 21, 2013

What’s your Security Booth Vision?

Maximum visibility and 360 degree views are critical to the purpose of a security booth, security building, guard house or guard booth. Factory assembled Par-Kut brand guard houses include windows in all four sides. Standard security booths from Par-Kut afford the maximum view available in a portable building due to the tubular steel frame. A built-to-order Par-Kut guardhouse can include as much, or as little glass as you wish.

Enhancements to visibility can be seen in multiple security booth designs. For example, a solar tint can be included and will reduce glare and eye fatigue for the officers manning the post. If the guardhouse is elevated, the windows can be fabricated such that the top is tilted or angle out, which will allow for downward viewing. Likewise, Par-Kut has built guardhouses with windows in the roof and in the floor! Windows with lower bottom sills are also available to allow better visibility for people seated. Additionally, the entire guardhouse can be on a tower or platform to increase field of view.

Vision for Security

The shape of a guardhouse can also be modified to suit a particular location, including a window up high in a restroom wall to allow for a line of sight that allows officers time to anticipate arrival of vehicles or pedestrians. The restroom window, or other “occasional” windows, are generally covered with a blind or shutter or are glazed with one way glass for privacy when required.

While on the subject of glass, insulated glass helps keep windows clear of condensate while helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the booth. Climate and location can also require storm or hurricane resistant (laminated) glass and high level security locations can be upgraded with bullet resistant glass. The various types of glass allow a full field of vision and provide safety and comfort for the officers manning the guardhouse.

security booth
security booth with windows flank restroom

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