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May 26, 2021
Ticket Booth
Ticket Booth for Fairs

It is important to choose economical and durable ticket booths for fairs and festivals.  Ticket booth design will vary depending on what type of ticket booth is needed. There are two basic types of ticket booths used at fairs; the ticket booths and entrance booths used by the fairgrounds or fair committee for selling admission or parking tickets, and then the ticket booths used by the ride operators to sell ride tickets.

Fairground or venue ticket booths can be permanent or portable. When the festival is held at the same location every year, and other events are held there throughout the year, it is typical to choose permanently installed ticket booths. For smaller festivals or fairs that share or rent property, portable ticket booths that can be moved easily are more typical.

The ticket booths owned by traveling amusement companies and carnival ride operators are portable. These portable ticket booths need to be rugged enough to withstand frequent moves and trips on trailers as the carnivals move from place to place. A slightly elevated ticket booth with a reinforced
steel floor is perfect to allow a forklift to pick up and move from trailer to ground. A wheel kit option is also available to move the ticket booth up a ramp onto a trailer.

Typically, permanent and portable ticket booths have an interior counter-top, one or two cashier windows, electric outlets, lights, a locking door, treadplate floor, and paint in color of choice.  Functional options for ticket
booth design include exterior shelves for transactions and optional signage on the ticket booth to improve way finding for customers. Ticket booth design security options include locking ticket windows, locking cash drawers, unbreakable glazing and floor safes to improve security.
Air conditioning and heat options provide a more comfortable work environment for your ticket booth attendants.

For year-round operations, ticket booths are often designed with architectural features that reflect the surroundings. Architectural ticket booth designs often include either factory installed brick veneer or site installed masonry. Architecturally enhanced roof treatments such as hip, gable, and barrel vault can be added to your ticket booth. In addition, a broader fascia and more roof overhang for posting signage can be included.  Window mullions, architectural tube steel enhancements  and multicolor paint schemes are also popular.

Additionally, during and even after the pandemic, you might consider the airflow, ventilation system and touchless technology for a ticket booth. Sliding windows, either horizontal or vertical may be added to a ticket booth to take advantage of natural breezes to ventilate the ticket booth
during warm seasons. Building a ticket booth with a wall-mounted HVAC unit can provide good airflow inside and bring fresh outside air into the interior of the booth. In addition, ceiling or wall mounted exhaust fans provides a cost-effective method to provide improved air circulation.
Touchless technology can be added to a ticket booth with:  an amplified intercom system for the ticket booth attendants to provide secure person-to-person communication, automatic wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers,  and even automatic sliding windows.

Par-Kut International designs and builds factory-assembled, prefabricated, durable and long-lasting steel ticket booths. These prefab ticket booths are manufactured using 100%welded  steel construction. If you need an appealing and durable, permanent or portable ticket booth, please
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