Control Booth What if you Need a Prefabricated Control Booth Quickly?

December 17, 2021
Control Booth

What would you do if you needed to add a prefabricated control booth to your facility quickly?
Whether you need a security booth inside or outside of a facility, a portable in plant office within
your factory, or a control room for video monitors, access controls or to oversee production, Par-Kut International
can provide a prefab control booth that will meet the need.

You might be concerned about preps for mounting monitors, raceways control wiring, sound reduction enhancements or even blanked-out walls for hanging equipment when you consider adding a control booth to your facility. If so, Par-Kut
prefabricated control booths can be the solution for your concerns. Par-Kut control booths are
fully preassembled, shipped to location ready to install, electrify and use.

When you need to expand your facility by adding more employees, you are likely to consider the
choice between pre-assembled construction and traditional stick-built construction. A traditional
stick-built structure is typically designed and drawn by an architect, and the materials are
delivered to the job site, and then, a control room or booth can be built in about a month’s time.  After that,
material waste, trash and dust in the air created by cutting materials on the job site all take about a week to be removed.
On the other hand, factory-assembled construction can provide reduced
lead, build and down time. For example, a Par-Kut prefab control booth or security booth can be
designed, drawn, and built with little or no disruption to your ongoing operations. Offsite factory-assembled
construction can reduce total on-site project time from 6 weeks to 1 week with proper planning.

Additionally, in response to the immediate control booth needs of our customer base, Par-Kut
provides quick ship control booths, security booths, guard booths and operator shelters. Those
Quick Ship control booths are built to Par-Kut’s standards with the same high-quality materials
used in all Par-Kut booths. Those quick ship Par-Kut control booths are stocked in Par-Kut
warehouses, then painted and finished at time of customer order. These booth sizes available are 4′ x 6′,
4′ x 7′ and 6′ x 8′ with some other sizes occasionally available. Qualifying quick ship model lead times vary
from 3 – 5 weeks after receiving written purchase order and color selection.

For more information about Par-Kut control booths such as control booth features, options,
delivery and installation , please visit or call 1-800-394-6599

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