Uncategorized Benefits of Replacing an Old Security Booth with a Par-Kut Security Booth

July 31, 2022
Guard Booth with Restroom

When you need to replace an old “guard shack”, also known as guard booth, security booth, guard house, parking booth, toll booth, ticket booth, control booth or operator shelter, whether it is a prefabricated security booth or site built. Par-Kut International can help. This blog describes the benefits of replacing your current security booth with a Par-Kut security booth.

Par-Kut prefabricated solutions to replace your old security booth will provide you with the quickest on-site turn-around time for your security booth replacement project. Because Par-Kut guard booths are factory assembled, the use of Par-Kut prefab guard booths gets rid of most of the disruption and waiting time needed with traditional stick-built construction. Par-Kut pre-assembled welded steel construction allows for less downtime at the gate, checkpoint or access control point. Furthermore, with stick-built construction, the building facility manager requires to add architect/engineering cost, machinery rental cost and cost of on-site trades people. The factory-assembled Par-Kut guard booths also eliminate weather delays. Thus, factory assembled construction is often more cost effective than stick-built construction.

A second benefit of employing a Par-Kut prefab security booth to replace your old guard shack is the simple installation. Welded steel Par-Kut prefab guard booths are delivered fully assembled to your site on a flatbed truck. Typically, the standard sized guard booth, security booth, ticket booth or control booth will be off-loaded with a forklift, but a larger-sized security booth, also known security building or guard house may need a crane to off-load it. During off-loading of the security booth, it’ll be set into place, leveled, anchored down to concrete slab with expansion bolts, and then, the guard house’s electric supply will be connected to the service panel.

Additionally, keeping your guards in a new security booth cool and comfortable is beneficial for them to do their work effectively. Par-Kut security booths provides climate control systems (air conditioners and heaters) As an option, Par-Kut also builds a guard booth with restroom. To determine whether there’s a need to embrace a bathroom inside the prefab security boot, you need to consider the amount of time each security guard spends inside the guard booth or guard house along with the distance from the nearest bathroom facilities.

In this manner, Par-Kut’s delivery of factory-assembled construction with easy installation allow us to transport a fully assembled guard booth or pre-finished security booth to your facility ready to occupy and use in just a few hours. For more information about the benefits of replacing an old guard shack with a Par-Kut security booth or about the Par-Kut security booth transport and installation process, please click the button below or call 1-800-394-6599.

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