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Security Booth

Did you know why security booth designs are so critical to your business’s safety? A primary purpose of having a security booth is to discourage criminals from attacking your facility. The presence of a security booth, also known as guard booth or guard house deters unwanted visitors, theft, and vandalism. Therefore, choosing the security booth...

Prefab Guard Booth

A guard booth is a pivotal part of any business and government facility. A guard booth or security booth provides the ability to observe and screen visitors and employees. Having a prefabricated guard booth allow your guard booth to adapt to new changes in layout. In addition, the prefab security booth can be move to...

Control Booth

What would you do if you needed to add a prefabricated control booth to your facility quickly? Whether you need a security booth inside or outside of a facility, a portable in plant office within your factory, or a control room for video monitors, access controls or to oversee production, Par-Kut International can provide a...

Par-Kut Portable Steel Buildings

Design your security booths with Par-Kut

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