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January 12, 20120

Standard PAR-KUT Security booth window Glass & Options

This article will serve as an introduction to Par-Kut’s standard security booth glass and options available to specifiers and owners to assist in the best design of your security booth for the application at hand.  Different types of windows for transactions and ventilation will be covered in a future article.

Butt glazed booth
This Butt glazed 8′ x 12′ PARVUE Series Security booth 94-027 has extra dark tinted glass.


The standard glazing in each Par-Kut security building is clear tempered safety glass. Tempered glazing provides an enhanced amount of protection from impacts, environmental elements and thermal stresses. Tempered glazing is used for the strength provided by the heat treating process. Tempered glass is a safety glass and conforms to the Federal Safety Glazing Standard, CPSC 16 CFR 1201, Canadian Safety Glazing Standard CAN/CGSB-12.1 and the American National Standard ANSI Z97.1. If broken, the glazing is reduced to small pieces (rather than shards) and that significantly reduces the risk of serious injury than that faced when annealed or heat strengthened glazing breaks. Clear glazing is standard in our security buildings due to the fact that most end users occupy the buildings over a 24 hour period and it offers a higher degree of visibility during the night time.  Tempered glazing can be provided in many different colors, and can be combined with Low-E, reflective and other coating and glass options.

Tint colors can be added to your glazing choice for your security booth. These colors are an integral part of the glass (color is baked in during glass production).  Par-Kut does not typically use coatings or films to achieve a tint. The most common colors requested by our customers are gray or bronze tinting. However, there are a considerable amount of other color options available, including green and blue.  Electronically controlled tinted glass is now available as well!

Low-E coating are applied in to glass order to reduce the heating and cooling of the security booth that are associated with the glazing.  This is most often done in conjunction with double pane, insulated glass.

Reflective coatings can be applied to reduce the ability to see occupants inside the security booth. This would commonly be used for security applications to make it more difficult to see if the building was occupied or not.  Available security glazing includes break resistant acrylic, unbreakable polycarbonate, storm and burglar resistant laminated glass, and bullet resistant glass.

Other available coatings include but are not limited to:  silk screening or decorative spandrel effects and applied graphics & signage.  Many options are available for further architectural treatments.

The information contained in this document is provided to assist in the design of a Par-Kut International building and should not be used as the sole basis of design. Please contact the factory for more specific information., 586-468-2947 or 800-394-6599

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