Passenger Shelters Design Considerations for Passenger Shelters

May 30, 2015
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Passenger Shelter 2K-288
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When your customers or employees have informed you of the need for a passenger shelter, you could elect to build one yourself, or more simply, research and procure a prefabricated bus shelter from one of the many pre-manufactured shelter manufacturers. First of all, make sure you are dealing with a reputable supplier and/or manufacturer! Then, one of the first questions will be about the size. What dimensions are important to you and how much room is available for the bus shelter?

Next, will the passenger shelter be a 3 sided unit with an open front, or will you require an additional panel at front to further block the weather? Most bus shelters are of this configuration, having three full walls and a partial wall at the front. Typically, the walls are mainly tempered glass, and the glass goes from 6” above grade to 2” short of the roof to allow for ventilation and to keep trash from collecting in the corners of the shelter. The glazing in the wall panels can be clear or tempered glass with the standard being 1/4” thick.

bus shelters
Bus Shelter 15-017

Most typically, the floor of the passenger shelter is the concrete slab on which it is installed. The bus shelter has anchor plates or clips attached to the primary structural uprights for securing it in place. The roof of the bus shelter can be flat, hip style or gable end, curved, solid, or glazed.

The material for the frame of the passenger shelter can be welded painted steel for a pre-assembled shelter, a pre-assembled anodized aluminum shelter, or a site erected panelized aluminum shelter. There are advantages to each and the cost structure will vary with layout and size. There are typically more color options with steel shelters. Stand alone canopies for special applications, such as covering turnstiles, are also available.

The last options to consider will be the addition of electrical to the passenger shelter. With pre-assembled bus shelters, this should be factory installed according to the National Electric Code. Lights and heat are the most popular options.

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