Prefab Office Why a Prefab Office?

May 26, 2015
prefab office
Prefab Office 13-391

Suppose your operation has outgrown existing office space or you need to add a control or break roof somewhere within your plant facility. A factory assembled prefabricated office can be designed specifically for your particular needs and will be delivered fully assembled, ready to move into place and use. And, no other type construction offers the ruggedness of a welded portable steel building to be used as a prefab office.

prefab office
Prefabricated Office 13-391

When industrial locations and tough environments are typical, you need a prefab office that is anything but typical. You need the construction benefits gained with a welded tubular steel frame, double steel wall panels, steel roof and ceiling, and even a steel tread plate floor. Yep, all steel. There prefab buildings are built to order, and, built to last!

prefab office
Prefab Office 13-391

Another benefit of the welded steel, uni-body construction is the ease of movement: fork lifts, pallet jacks, cranes, lulls, and even simple dollies, rollers and skids have been used. These prefab offices are pre-wired to suit the customer’s locational requirements and typically include lighting, HVAC, outlets, and preps for phone and data. All electrical terminates at a wall mounted circuit breaker panel. All the wiring in Par-Kut prefab buildings is per the National Electric Code.

Crane- Liftable Prefab Office
Prefab Office 13-216

The prefabricated offices described here can include swing or sliding steel doors (of Par-Kut’s own design), and either windows all around, or limited so that the customer can include equipment onto the blank wall areas. Finishes can be upgraded with stainless steel, optional anti fatigue or sheet good flooring, and sound deadening. The bottom line is that if you need to invest in a prefab office, you should consider the advantages of the welded steel in plant offices from Par-Kut International, Inc.

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