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October 10, 2012
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Elevating your security booth can increase safety at your parking lot. A factory assembled guard house from Par-Kut is of solid, welded steel construction and because of this, a Par-Kut security building can be easily lifted to a level above the parking lot surface. This increases security two ways. First, the elevated security booth is more prominent and is visibly larger and taller than an on-grade guard booth. So the elevated guardhouse can be a deterrent to crime as burglars will readily see it. The second improvement for security is that the elevated platform puts the attendant up and improves their sight lines and vantage point.

elevated security booth
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To elevate a security booth is fairly simple and can be quickly accomplished with a total factory solution which includes the booth and a welded steel platform. This package includes a stand, which holds the guardhouse at a certain height, and a prefabricated set of steps with safety rails. Common platforms heights are 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’, 8’ and 10’ . Higher platforms are generally called towers and are more typical of military, correctional and utility installations.

In some circumstances, a
PAR-KUT guardhouse will be installed atop a concrete block platform, or other customer supplied stand or tower. For existing facilities, there may be a platform already there that is in good shape which allows a customer to save on the cost of a new factory built security booth platform. The new booth can be engineered to be bolted to an existing platform.

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For many customers, the most convenient factory built elevated guard booth platform is entirely assembled with the steps being assembled also. The stand is offloaded from the truck and bolted down, the booth is hoisted off the truck and set down into the top rail of the stand and then the stairway is bolted to the stand. For larger towers there is an option for the components to ship knocked down (K-D). This option requires site assembly by a contractor or steel erector and usually features a hot dip galvanized finish versus paint.

Whichever type of platform used, an elevated guard booth is a great way to enhance security in a parking lot.

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