Security buildings Maintenance on Your Par-Kut Security Building

November 20, 2012
Security Building 12-144
Security Building 12-144

As many facility managers and homeowners already know, when winter approaches, it is a good idea to perform some small maintenance tasks on your PAR-KUT security building. When a guard house is new and fresh from the factory, everything works. However, daily use and exposure to the elements can lead to deterioration of the weather stripping, window seals, caulking, roof coating, and your door hardware.


security building
Security Building 12-144

We suggest that your security buildings be cleaned and rinsed at least once every year, particularly in climates where salt is used for deicing. This will help offset the corrosive effects of salt. So also does installation of your guard booth on a raised slab, versus flush to concrete or recessed.

security building
Security Building 12-144

Going into the colder months, check the weather stripping on your hinged and sliding doors as well as any sliding windows there might be within the building. Par-Kut can provide you with replacement materials as well as provide tips for installation. You should also make sure all rolling door and sliding window tracks and hardware are clean of dirt and debris that can prematurely wear them out. If the trollies or wheels need to be replaced, the service department at Par-Kut can assist!

Checking on the operability of heaters heading into winter and air conditioners going into summer is a good idea, too. If a heater has been damaged beyond repair, Par-Kut can provide you with a new one. Troubleshooting assistance can be provided, too. Sometimes all it takes is to find a reset button.

For any communications with the Par-Kut parts and service department, please have the booth’s serial number handy. It is a four or five digit number, beginning with the year the unit was built. It can be found stamped on a black metal plate about the size of a 3″ x 5″ card with our name and address on it.

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