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December 18, 2012
Guard House with a 4KW heater
Guard House with a 4KW heater with optional Vandal guard

Securing facilities in places with changing weather conditions requires a climate controlled guard house, guard booth, guard shack or guardhouse. You can purchase your next security building with specific energy saving options which enable you to minimize costs associated with seasonal heating and cooling bills.

While even the most basic Par-Kut Guardhouses include 2” insulated walls and a 4” insulated roof, those areas can be beefed up by specifying extra insulation or a specific R factor during the sales process. However, unless you are to upgrade the glass in your security building to insulated (dual pane), if may not be worth the investment in thicker insulation. There are many energy saving options with glass these days. From basic tinted, to insulated, to tinted Low E insulated; there are options to suit both energy and architectural needs. Furthermore, many building jurisdictions actually require energy efficiencies that can only be achieved with the use of these high tech glazing options.

air conditioner heater in a Par-Kut guard shack
thru-wall combination air conditioner heater

In regard to the floor of your security building, you can specify an insulated base and/or add plywood over the steel subfloor. Perhaps add rubber tile, which also can reduce foot fatigue for your officers if they spend a lot of time on their feet. If you elect to stay with the standard tread plate floor you can self install anti-fatigue mats, or have these added to your security booth at the Par-Kut factory.

Par-Kut’s standard sliding steel doors are insulated. If sliding windows are required for transactions, checking ID’s, etc., you can upgrade to insulated glass for those sliding windows and then eliminate any non essential sliders to cut down on possible drafts. In older guardhouses, the weather strip and caulking around doors and windows should be checked annually.

The federal government is pressuring States to update their energy codes. Energy codes are part of building regulation and Building regulations are issued by the state. The Model International Energy Efficiency Codes (IECC) limit the amount of power that can be consumed in lighting fixtures. This means LED or high efficiency fluorescent lamps are required. Heating and Cooling equipment is also subject to power use limitations, requiring most equipment to have energy efficiency ratings (EER). Electric unit heaters are essentially 100 efficient since they have miminal losses in converting power to heat.

Your security building can be built with upgrades for energy efficiency simply and professionally by the booth builders at Par-Kut. Whether you need to upgrade to meet local building code requirements, achieve or exceed state level requirements, or you wish to provide a more comfortable environment for your employees, Par-Kut can make the necessary modifications and provide it for you.

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