Guard House Guard Booth Design and Purchase considerations

May 29, 2014
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When the need for a pre-assembled guard booth or security building comes up, there are several things that you will want to communicate to your portable steel building manufacturer. Most important are the size, architectural style and necessary features and options. Also important to the design and construction of your building are what state and local building codes are as well as what level of security the building needs.

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As for the first few features of the guard booth, they are fairly easy to communicate. It starts with the size and style of the building. However the next few points are slightly more involved.

Several of the more common options and features that we put into our guard booths and portable steel buildings include climate control systems (air conditioners and heaters), tinted and/or insulated glass, plexi glass, restrooms, and exterior flood lights.

Now when it comes time to order a new guard booth or portable steel building, it is important to keep in mind that local and state building codes may restrict various options and design choices. For example in many states, there is an energy compliance check, or com-check as it is know in the business. This is a program that contains energy codes for most of the United States. We plug information about the proposed booth in along with the location and it provides feedback regarding compliance with various codes. A building that passes in one location may not pass in another due to differing energy codes, seismic or wind speeds.

Another factor is the level of security is needed where the portable steel building is going to be installed. For example, a booth going to a border crossing is going to require a much higher level of safety opposed to a booth in a less dangerous situation (i.e. corporate visitor parking lot).

Whether the guard booth needs a restroom for 24/7 locations, architectural enhancements, or bullet resistant protection, communicate these things to guard booth suppliers early in the quoting phase to ensure your satisfaction.

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