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July 10, 2014
aluminum shelters
Aluminum Shelters 14-MFI-126-1

Par-Kut’s aluminum shelters deliver shelter for a wide variety of purposes including bus stops, smoking, transit, and waiting areas. These shelters also offer an enjoyable appearance along with protection from all weather elements.

Right now is a great time to purchase an aluminum shelter because of all the features that make this shelter more appealing and accommodating to everyone. The clear anodized aluminum framing extrusions and kick panels give this structure extra durability and longevity. The glass is strikingly clear and safety tempered ensuring less damage is done to your shelter. The white translucent fiberglass roof panels offer a built-in gutter system allowing for easier cleaning and a great looking shelter for years to come and also are available in flat or dome styles. The standard size for the aluminum shelters are 4’ x 8’ to 8’ x 16’ and custom sizes are also available upon request.

The additional accessories are great options to help customize your aluminum shelter to better accommodate your personal needs. Swing-type doors are available with closures including locks and hardware along with aluminum benches. Par-Kut offers colored anodized aluminum, giving your shelter a personalized look. There are additional upgrades available including tinted glass, 70 Watt HPS Light with photo cell control, fan-forced heater with push button control, and bubble style roof.

If you are looking for a standard bus stop or a customized waiting area, Par-Kut has an aluminum shelter that is just right for you.

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