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October 30, 2017
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A guard house, also known as guardhouse, guard booth, guard shack or security booth; is often located a long distance from the facility of which it is on the perimeter of. Therefore, the guardhouse is a long way from the nearest usable restroom. In addition, entrance and perimeter security buildings should provide a high degree of comfort and convenience for the security officers. For those reasons, guard houses with built-in restrooms are required. As a matter of fact, many state building codes now require factory assembled buildings include restroom facilities. Par-Kut guard house restroom designs also meet the accessibility requirements of the ADA (Americans Disabilities Act).

guard booth with bathroom
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Par-Kut factory-assembled guard house restrooms come standard with white china fixtures for the lavatory and water closet and the guardhouses are designed to be set over the top of pre-set pipes for water and sewer. Holes are pre-cut in the floor of the portable guard booth for the installer to lower the booth down over the utility pipes with a crane when the modular guard house is delivered to the job site. Restroom amenities provided by Par-Kut typically include: a GFI outlet, toilet paper holder, paper towel dispenser, mirror, a faucet with a small water heater and a ceiling light with an exhaust fan. Generally, the job site plumber will install surface-mounted piping on the walls of the guard booth’s restroom. As an option, the guard shack can include a complete factory-installed plumbing package designed for a single water supply connection and a sewer hook up. Other options for a Par-Kut guard house restroom include chemical, composting, and even electric (incinerating) toilets for those locations where running water supply and sewer pipes to a remote or distant post is too expensive.

Par-Kut guardhouse with a built-in restroom comes with a 100 Amp panel with a main breaker and all branch breakers for the factory installed electrical devices. All wiring in conduit or as MC cable. All electrical work supplied is per the current edition of the NFPA’s NEC. The guard house can include as many interior and exterior lights as you need, or as limited by energy code. A Par-Kut guard house’s exterior door can be either the standard sliding steel, or a hinged swing type. The standard doors are factory finished to match the body of the booth and doors normally include a fixed half glass window. Our standard built-in restroom comes with partition wall and a blank swing or sliding door with a privacy lock

For more information about a Par-Kut guard house with a built-in bathroom, one of our knowledgeable sales people can help. Whatever type of requirement you have for guard booths, contact Par-Kut today to discuss the particulars.

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